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A UFO Digest Book Review
By Art Champoux

(Copyright 2008, Art Champoux - All Rights Reserved)

UFOs Are Here!: Unmasking the Greatest Conspiracy of Our Time
By Brad Steiger

Posted: 14:52 March 16, 2007

UFOs Are Here!: Unmasking the Greatest Conspiracy of Our Time

Granted this is an old book (The Rainbow Conspiracy, printed in 1994 and republished as UFOs Are Here!: Unmasking the Greatest Conspiracy of Our Time in 2001, and although I have read it many times this book is MUST for any serious UFOlogist. Why? Because in it you will probably not read these subjects anywhere else.

The front cover has an under heading: "It will change everything you've ever thought about UFOs." Brad was right. Along with Sherry Hanson Steiger this book will reveal some things you might not have ever heard about UFOs. Did you know these important facets of UFOlogy?

How over 50 years ago the truth has been hidden. In 1943, the Project Rainbow was begun. Project Rainbow was designed to render the US Navy warship invisible to enemy radar; the experiment had astounding results, transforming our relationship with ETs forever.

Also in this fascinating book you will learn about the secret mission of the US military leaders have learned about UFOS- and how they concealed the knowledge from the public, including the shocking connection between Adolph Hitler and super intelligent alien beings.

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President Truman's top Secret MJ 12 document contained actual debriefing of UFO eyewitnesses.

How a deal was struck with the EXTRATERRESTRIALS that traded people and cattle for advanced alien technology!

Why Ronald Reagan warned the United Nations about a "war of the worlds" and what kept him from talking: and What UFOs Are Here!: Unmasking the Greatest Conspiracy of Our Time means for the planet Earth.

Now I know this is an old book, like a lot I write about, but if you do not understand what Ray Fowler, John Keel, Ivan Sanderson, Jacques Vallee, Brad Steiger found out many years ago, it would be like reading the last chapter of a book and ignoring the beginning.

Brad and Sherry Steiger like the rest were there in the 50s, the 60s and were some of the first pioneers in the research of UFOlogy. From the MIBS, to the current ETs of today Brad has to have more inside knowledge of the UFO community and most researchers that are out there today.

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For more information or to purchase click here: UFOs Are Here!: Unmasking the Greatest Conspiracy of Our Time

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