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Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt BAHons., PGDipCG., MPhil., PhD Tutors in adult non-credit bearing courses in Psychical Research/Consciousness Studies at Strathclyde University and Paisley University, Glasgow. Jackie is a published author of Seances with God:God Through the Ages-and her academic studies of MPhil and PhD -include Shamanic, Out of Body and Near Death Experiences and Mediumship. Jackie has also had many profound psychic experiences herself and writes articles for many different publications and has appeared on a number of television programmes on the subject. Visit Jackie's website: or email her at

Unmasked in the Next Dimension:
Spirit People in Attendance
by Jacqueline Jones-Hunt, Ph.D.

Posted: 00:50 March 23, 2007

One Christmas time, soon after I became engaged my fiancé and I went to a hotel besides the sea in Eastbourne , England . Here I met my future husband's family for the first time. It was such a happy occasion. The Hotel was filled with other happy people celebrating emotional and uplifting family holiday reunions and Christmas itself.

On the second day before dinner in the evening my fiancé and I walked into my room. I was astounded to see floating around my room a sight I always refer to as ‘Circular Rainbows of Colour' as I have no other way of describing them.

I saw as clearly as I can see you or I, five circular rainbows of colour. Each circle of differing rainbow colours shared the same gentle and slow movement around my hotel room, each had an identical perfect circular shape and size and significantly each also had a central yellow nucleus of the same size and colour. Though each rainbow circle was the exact same size as the other, each exuded a different range of colours and in a different order running from the centre to the outer ring of colour.

I sat on the bed and described each differing circle of colours to my husband who is a medical doctor. He was extremely interested and he asked me to close my eyes several times and to see if I could still see them, which I could as they were so apparently ‘physically' there rather than in my own mind's eye. At that time he had only known me for a number of weeks and he had not witnessed one of my psychic experiences before.

I cannot remember the exact order of colours in each of the five circles now but to give one example. First I noticed the identical central small circle of yellow, a yellow nucleus each shared, then the innermost ring would be pink the second slightly larger ring would be petrol blue, then the next slightly larger ring would be green, and other colours until the final outer ring. Each circles colours differed. Each colour exactly touched the colours next to it so it was an identifiable whole circle.

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For more information or to purchase click here: Unmasked in the Next Dimension: Spirit People in Attendance

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