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ALIEN UFO Psychic to be revealed

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

I support many such causes that I feel are aligning energy on my path as an ascension being. I do not have to pay to receive UFO Digest nor do they pay me to submit articles.

This is a good partnership and there are others who sponsor these websites so that the information may be given to those seeking it. I am a seer and a seeker. I appreciate the information that I receive through other being's third eye and mental process. The human mind is still an enigma to the professional neurologists and psychiatrists that I have spoken with. I have been able to work with many in the past in my employ as a hospital corpsman reservist. I have also learned a lot from professionals whom I have encountered through investigations in the past. I also have many who are professionals and are friends that surprisingly believe in an afterlife, the supernatural, and aliens who fly UFOs.

What has come to my attention from many of my professional friends and the readers who have shared their views in the past year is that there are two camps of aliens and some say there are more. Basically, what it boils down to is that people are sharing with me their beliefs as to whether they think there are good and bad aliens, and that there are many who are academics, PhD's who are now specializing in treating people who have as a common occurrence interactions with aliens and UFOs in their dreams and reality. I have always known that the aliens and UFOs existed but now since I have gone public as a paranormal writer since 2007, I am now a public figure and will even appear on an ABC television show called “WIFE SWAP”. I pose on a reality TV program as a “Psychic”. I say pose because I actually am so much more in this world and prefer to be called an Ontologist , Intuitive Reader, Sensitive, Medium, Seer, Prophetess, or there are many other more kinder names that psychic. But, the most popular term in the world for sake of being found as one who assists others with their spiritual ascension path is the movie version of what at one time was referred to as a gypsy . When I think of the word psychic, I always envision the first vision I had a seer with a crystal ball and that was the man in the movie “Wizard of OZ”. The man who had a carnival trailer and was assisting Dorothy return to her home with Auntie Em in Kansas. Dorothy had run away. I also later saw him in the show as the actual wizard. I to this day love this character and the man who played the part. What is a shame to say is that I never learned the actual man’s name. The actor I mean, not the character he played on the movie. Do you see where I am going with this?

I will be an ascension being, also known as a alien hybrid, an intelligent being, also known as a human being on earth, who is a paid professional actress, who is actually asked to play herself as a qualified psychic, on a television show that will be seen by many in the real world. A real female in a human body, a real paid psychic, on a real television show, that is called a reality show. I was not paid for being on the reality show, I was actually paid for what I asked for and that was for traveling time. Most of you already know that you cannot pay for what is not of this earth. Psychics if they are worth their weight in gold will only charge for their time on earth and not chare another being on earth for the knowledge they receive. This comes from the old superstitions of the gypsies. The real seers and prophets were never paid but only given their way to and from and never worried about their raiment clothing, or the food they would eat. That is even in the bible with Jesus and the original twelve apostles and Mary.

There are a lot of my new readers who have found their way to being email pen pals with me who are just now waking up to the fact that they may be more than what they were told. They are coming to terms with the fact that science, religion and philosophy may not have found all the answers to what they thought was the truth. Many of my readers not only now look to astronomy and NASA for the answers but are now learning to use the Internet and surfing for more paranormal, supernatural, metaphysical, reality information. Many are surprised to find that they are intuitive being told to email me!

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