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ALIEN UFO Psychic to be revealed

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Science may say that we must study symptoms of illness to come up with a cure. Pharmaceutical companies make investors and stockholders more affluent and more money. Regardless, of what the truth may be, we must pursue methodology. We must believe that science is the methodology of how we proceed while God is watching our eternal progression also known as evolution. We are desiring to proceed into a field of knowledge. Right now, the field of knowledge for Ascension Beings is the Akashic Field.

I as the founder of the Ascension Center has received from Ascension Beings in the Hierarchy of the Allied Council the name Ascension Center and a logo of a building to match which is an alien spaceport. I am here at this time and dispensation on earth to work with all other ascension beings who want to join me in opening a nonprofit incorporation on earth called the Ascension Center.

This new name and logo will assists many who want to feel like being a part of the new energy to come that was called the GOLDEN AGE or the Golden Era in the past. We are not about declaring that science and God are the only way but that there is a new way of rotation of energy that we will discover together in what is far outside the Akashic Field that other nonprofit's are just now discovering to be real. We shall work out even further into the reaches of the Unified FIELD Origin, UFO. Which camp will you join, dark or light, good or bad, goof, or goal, dead or alive, plain and simple, or eccentric and extraordinary? I am plain and simple yet eccentric and extraordinary depending on whom is asking and for what reasons. I hope you will tune in and want to read more. There is so much more to know and if you are comfortable in your own soul then you are stagnant and not growing. I am here to make it fun to be alive and to make others aware that there is more to life than what appears to be seen or understood. I am here as a wake up call that knowledge is going to assist in changing our perspective of the universe and what is essential. I am about unlocking the door to the Jabberwocky of the Dark Ages and the 21st Century. I am what is after Dec. 21, 2012. We began the new Ascension Center in 2007. Are you awake yet enough to know whether you are an interesting ascension being? Which camp will you join before the beckon call of souls of this world to another? Email me and let me know.

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