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O'Hare Airport UFO
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by Vince White
(With Robert Morningstar)

Posted: 13:37 March 31, 2008

End YOUR snickering.
Begin reporting factually.

I have just read Nicholas D. Kristof's column in the New York Times Opinion Section for Sunday, March 30, 2008 entitled:

"With A Few More Brains....
'Who needs science when you have flying saucers'?"

Mixed in with a serious discussion of scientific illiteracy, anti-rationalism , anti-intellectualism is a prime example of this very sin , the utter failure to do what is first required to begin to follow a scientific process--go look at the evidence.

Practice Empirics, go examine the virtual mountains of evidence. The multiple multiple ground and air simultaneous observations of structured hard metallic objects recorded on radar , film and video, leaving physical traces --and lied about by a lying government.

Mr Kristof evidently doesn't know that a hundred witnesses watched a metallic disc in broad daylight as it hung over gate C-7 at Chicago's O'hare airport and then shot vertically blasting a hole through a cloudy overcast sky. That airline employees were threatened to remain silent---and the FAA resembled the three infamous reportorially disabled monkeys.

Jon Hilkevitch -
Chicago Tribune article on O'Hare Incident

The airline employees were threatened (to force them to remain silent)--- and the FAA resembled the three infamous sensorily-disabled monkeys, who saw nothing, heard nothing and said nothing, as is evidenced by Kristof's skewed views of the new, post-O'Hare Airport UFO multi-verse in public interest, attitude and opinion, spawned by that signal event.

I predict that on some not-far-off future day, it will be asked by reporters (even for this formerly august newspaper of record):

"Why didn't we print this story and waited till another competitor did?

The Chicago Tribune!

Actually, this is an important question to ask now.

In our not too distant future, there will be a great harvest of journalist shame, reflecting upon (and redacting) their tragic reportorial failure. Equally noteworthy will be an abject failure of both the scientific and UFO research community on this subject.

It is a sad, dreary example that for all the prattle and rattle by UFO researchers congratulating themselves on the progress on persuading serious folk to take UFOs seriously, that the journalistic world evidences a near total ignorance of this phenomenon, the most highly classified subject within the US government.

A majority of reporters, like Kristof, know almost nothing and yet wear their own ignorance as a badge of honor.

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