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Ed Komarek lives a simple quiet life dedicated to an understanding of himself and the nature of life and living. He suspects that life as we know it is a high tech nano virtual reality program. He believes that we are eternal beings existing in a greater immaterial universe of which the material world is a subset. We enter into a body in order to experence from the inside this virtual reality field. This virtual reality program acts as a school where one chooses lessons to be learned mostly on a unconscious basis. The determining factor is to become aware of the unconscious choices we make so as to exercise our free will and to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Visit Ed's website:, Email Ed

Down the Rabbit Hole with Dan Smith and Ron Pandolfi, Where’s Alice?
by Ed Komarek

Posted: 12:00 March 30, 2009

Stephenville, Texas, joins list of UFO hot spots

I managed to have survived yet another marathon Saturday morning telephone conversation with Dan Smith that lasted even longer than the previous one. The conversation began with me feeling like I was acting out a scene from Wind in the Willows with me as mole or rat scolding an intractable Mr. Toad. In return Dan was quick to bring up the Uncle Remus stories which are dear to my heart because the grandson of Joel Chandler Harris was a scientific friend of our family and would read the stories to my sister and me as children.

I had to straighten out Dan that it was Brr Fox who captured Brr Rabbit with the tar baby. By the end of the conversation I was reminding Dan that his chances of being the Messiah were extremely remote, close to absolute zero. Of course I would not have had to go through this whole song and dance with Dan and Ron if Dan had been sharp enough to figure out what Ron was wanting in the first place. It’s amazing that skeptic Steve Broadbent of Reality Uncovered has not yet been driven mad by the antics of these two.

One of the benefits in being in the UFO/ET field as long as I have is that I have got to know and rub shoulders with so many of the players and factions involved. A faction in the UFO community that I became involved with back in the mid 1990’s revolved around Dr. Jack Sarfatti’s Internet Science Project. Jack is a very colorful dynamic figure who is a master at networking people together with an ego that easily matches that of Seven Greer. I have learned a lot from Jack as I worked as his fetch and carry man to brief him on UFOs. I introduced him via email to many of the players in the UFO/ET community when he first began to develop an interest in UFOs, even Steven Greer.

This Internet group includes many physicists and intelligence operatives of many stripes and persuasions. These are a rowdy bunch of uncivil rogues who constantly fight, squabble, joke, play tricks and trade insults amongst themselves for any number of reasons. They will get as mad as hornets one day when a scheme blows up in their face and be the best of friends the next. I have often thought of them as like hyenas living on the plains of Africa . Like an early African explorer I became interested in this rouge culture and jumped right into the fray to learn, share and promote disclosure.

Until recently I have been occupied in other domains within the UFO community but I could not help but notice in the distance a ruckus and some kind of feeding frenzy amongst the tech hyenas feeding on some distant carcass. Being naturally curious I soon found myself asking for and getting Dan Smith’s new phone number and giving him a call. J I published on my blog some of Dan’s comments which immediately propelled me into the mist of this hyena feeding frenzy as I had hoped. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to orientate myself and after getting shoved and kicked around a bit I seem to finally muscled in to the carcass. It seems that the lion of UFOology had made a kill but the hyenas had moved in and were stealing away the meat. J

I have been getting these email promotions from Steven Greer and the Orion Project. I have a lot of respect for Steven in how he in the 1990s he really pushed hard for disclosure with the Disclosure Project and briefed policy makers on UFO/ET. I think we all owe him a debt of gratitude for that. But as everyone knows Steven also has his faults. Sometimes it seems that his ego has no bounds and he is blinded by his own strong opinions. Like with the Disclosure Project I think Steven has found another loose scale on the belly of the dragon and it is to bring alien technology out into the public domain as a way of forcing disclosure.

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