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Ron Enters Navy and Source A's Arena
by Ed Komarek

Later Dan got on the phone and called Los Alamos saying that Ron Pandolfi from the CIA was coming to Los Alamos to talk to aliens.Dan was transferred to John Alexander. John confirmed that Ron was coming to Los Alamos . This phone call then caused all hell to break loose so that Ron later told Dan that his trip to Los Alamos was canceled because of Danís reporting on this at CompuServe. Needless to say Danís entrance onto the UFO/ET stage was spectacular and dramatic in 1991.

About two weeks later Dan figured that Ron would not want to talk but called Ron anyway. Ron said his phone at the CIA had been ringing off the hook with people asking what was going on. He asked Dan to please in the future not to mix his name and the CIA together when reporting. It was obvious that Dan inadvertently had given Ron and John a good case of heartburn by calling Los Alamos and talking publicly. I suspect this is one of the reasons that Ron has become so tight lipped and cagy in the public domain which is understandable.

This whole thing about Ron possibly being in contact with extraterrestrials of the EBE variety as he works as an insider in government begs many more questions that will have to be left to another article.We have already reported on Source Aís extraterrestrial contacts while working for the military, now could Ron and John Alexander also have had communications with at east one extraterrestrial race?Dan says he does not think so because the meeting was canceled but admits that he could be wrong


I trust Dan Smith and I am going to defer to him as to Ronís agenda and motivation because Dan says he figures he has had around a thousand conversations with Ron over the years. If anybody understands where Ron is coming from it should be Dan.I trust the Pickering brothers with Source A in the same manner. I believe that both Dan and Pickering brothers are being straight up and honest with me. Everything I have seen so far from all three indicates this.

Dan tells me that he was told by Ron that he had tracked 200 individuals that had been briefed on UFO/ET.Ron also told him about 2 years ago that there was a repositioning where the Military and the Navy replaced the civilian leadership in the entire intelligence community. Dan thinks this was related to UFO/ET affairs. Dan believes that Ron already knew about the Navyís activities and Source A before Source A went public.  Dan says he believes it is Ronís intent to facilitate the work towards disclosure that he, I and other civilians are doing on the Open Minds Forum and elsewhere.A meeting referred to below seems validate these assertions.

A recent post by Dan Smith to one of his OM threads indicates two more civilian-government liaison operations now ongoing.Unlike the UFO Military Group liaison operations, Ron Pandolfi is already playing a significant public role in these as indicated by Danís following post.

ďI received an email yesterday morning, sent from Gordon Novel, confirming a dinner meeting for that evening in Roslyn.Also on the list were Paul Murad, Steve Greer and CK (Ron Pandolfi), and some other names I didnít know.I called Gordon to make sure I was actually invited, and whether the others were coming.I left a message with CK.

(The meeting took place on 3/16/09). CK and I sat at one end of the table, Gordon at the other.Steve was in the middle and did most of the talking. There were six others present. Steve has been a member of the RAM team since that last meeting, a few months ago, that CK told me about in January.This was CKís fourth dinner meeting with Gordon & Co. in the last two years.

It is Steveís idea to produce two films, POTUS Briefing 1 & 2. The first, shorter one would be for the President to view. The second would be for subsequent commercial release. It was difficult for me to tell how far advanced this project was.

When Gordon spoke, it was mainly about submitting an energy related proposal to the government for grant money.CK, when asked for his opinion, averred that the time was opportune.That was about the only time he spoke to the group.

Steve is good with personal anecdotes from Astronauts and former Clinton officials. He and Gordon spent some time swapping stories about MJ-12 interference in their affairs.

CK and I spoke mainly about bio-fuels, Bigelow & Co. and Source A.

The advent of Greer caused a split in RAM, especially around Sarfattiís concerns with Stevensís anti-government stance.Jack has since left. Also the New Orleans-Houston contingent of RAM has mostly left.Shaheen remains in the background.

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