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John MilorJohn Milor is an author of several books, and radio talk show guest for numerous programs, including the Art Bell show. His interest in understanding paranormal phenomenon began at the age of five after hearing his great grandmother’s tale of seeing a UFO hovering over the plains of Kentucky during broad daylight, shortly following the turn of the century. This story, as well as numerous otherworldly encounters of his own, fueled his quest of the unknown. His life literally became an episode of the X-Files on a number of occasions, when he reached the age of twenty one, and was visited by none other than Jesus Christ, in a vision. Since that time, Milor has become a born again Christian, yet continues to investigate paranormal phenomenon, now with a Bible in one hand, and research documentation in the other hand. John has earned two Associates degrees and a Bachelor degree in Business, and works as a Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard. He lives with his family in Fresno, California. All are invited to visit his website to read all his books; they are posted online in their entirety for free reading: Milor operates a MySpace website @, and welcomes emails as well:

Christian UFOlogy
by John W. Milor

Posted: 13:40 March 2, 2009

While the field of UFOlogy became more defined with the Roswell incident in 1947 and the creation of Project Bluebook which immediately followed, the more specialized field of Christian UFOlogy did not begin to take shape until the late 1990’s. While theologians such as Finis Jennings Dake touched upon the subject of extraterrestrial life spanning the cosmos as early as the late 1940’s,1 the degree of published material by Christians into the field of UFOlogy was minimal. Searches in Internet search engines for “Aliens” and “Bible” or similar queries gave very few results until books were published by authors such as John W. Milor, author of Aliens in the Bible and Aliens and the Antichrist, and author Dr. Chuck Missler, who produced several audio sermons such as Return of the Nephilim.

Christian UFOlogists fall into four general categories:

  1. Christians who attribute the existence of extraterrestrials and their intergalactic spacecraft to natural or manmade phenomenon.

  2. Christians who categorize extraterrestrials and their intergalactic spacecraft as an elaborate satanic deception.

  3. Christians who categorize extraterrestrials and their spacecraft (which they define as intergalactic and inter-dimensional) as being divine manifestations of God’s holy angels from the heavens, (the heavens being outer space as one of its definitions).

  4. Christians who agree with the third category of Christian UFOlogists in their belief that extraterrestrials are divine manifestations of God’s holy angels, however, they do not neglect to mention the fact that the bible documents both good and evil angels, so they disagree that all extraterrestrials and their spacecraft are divine manifestations of God’s holy angels. They contend that some of them are fallen angels, which leads to their agreement with Christian UFOlogists in the second category, namely that there is a satanic deception at work with these beings.

According to Tariq Malik, staff writer for, a telephone poll, which questioned one thousand Americans, revealed that regular churchgoers were less likely to believe in extraterrestrial life (about 46 percent) than non-churchgoers (about 70 percent)…”2 Combine this statistic with the fact that roughly 77 percent of U.S. adult citizens identify themselves as Christians,3 the conclusion must be drawn that Christian UFOlogists in the first category appeal to the largest number of active Christians.

Explanations for UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomenon derived from Christian UFOlogists in this category vary widely, ranging from ball lightning, swamp gas, hallucinations, or hoaxes, to meteorites, weather balloons, or experimental military aircraft. An example of a Christian UFOlogist who doubts the existence of extraterrestrial life and dismisses the bulk of UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon as being misidentified natural or manmade phenomenon, is Kenneth Samples, co-author of Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials.4

Dr. Chuck Missler author of The Return of the Nephilim
Dr. Chuck Missler author of The Return of the Nephilim
Jacques Vallee author of Messengers of Deception
Jacques Vallee author of Messengers of Deception
Dr. Stephen Yulish author of The Great Harpazo Deception
Stephen Yulish PhD author of The Great Harpazo Deception
While most active Christians dismiss the majority of UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomenon as author Kenneth Samples does, the largest number of Christian UFOlogists are more willing to accept that there is definitely a paranormal phenomenon taking place, but attribute this phenomenon to a satanic deception rather than actual extraterrestrial beings from other planets. There are four primary reasons for this conclusion. Firstly, most propulsion experts agree that the science of propulsion makes the idea of intergalactic space travel seem to be impossible.5 Secondly, UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomenon is frequently linked with the realm of the occult.6 Thirdly, the alien abduction phenomenon as reported by abductees is not only described as a torturous and horrific experience by most abductees, it is also noted that abductions of Christians who call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help during an abduction immediately terminate their abduction.7 And finally, Christian authors in this category also frequently quote scriptues from the Bible referring to Genesis chapter 6 during the days of Noah, when fallen angels interbred with humanity and produced a race of evil giants known as the Nephilim. It was for this reason that God brought the flood of Noah. In the end times, it is stated in Matthew 24:37 and Luke 17:26 that there will be a return to the days of Noah, which authors in this category indicate could be a return to the intermingling of fallen angels with humanity.

Dr. Chuck Missler, author of The Return of the Nephilim, Michael S. Heiser, author of The Façade, Dr. Lynn Marzulli, author of The Nephilim Trilogy, Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, author of The Omega Conspiracy, Cal Thomas, LA Times Syndicate, Barbara Simpson, author of The Babe in the Bunker, Jacques Vallee, author of Messengers of Deception, Dr. Stephen Yulish, retired professor and researcher, and David Flynn, author of Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars, are all among Christian UFOlogists in this particular category.

The third category of Christian UFOlogists, those who believe that most UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomenon should be considered as divine manifestations of God and/or His holy angels, is the most controversial category with respect to those of the Christian faith. The reason for this comes from the fact that some of the most famous UFOlogists who proposed the ancient astronauts theories are those that quote the bible to support their theories, yet, these authors are not Christians. Their research frequently redefines the God of the bible as an alien, or race of aliens, (which are created beings if they exist), and this contradicts the immutable attribute of God as the one and only Creator of all things as defined in the bible (Acts 17:24–26, and many others).

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