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Part IV

by Vincent R. White

(Copyright 2009, Vince R. White - All Rights Reserved)

There was also a small table near the intermediate size craft, with a video showing the saucer making short horizontal hops, over a dry desert scene, then accelerating vertically, out of sight in a couple of seconds. Was this "confabulation" or planned advertising?

Most significantly, there was a door opened on one vehicle revealing a robotic arm. Could this ARV have possibly been in space, doing satellite work?

Further details are available from the Disclosure Project itself. Needless to say, this "special air show" never made it into Aviation Week or Jane's Defense Weekly. Indicating the extreme sensitivity to saucer shaped objects, the claimed incident never even made it into an editorial or report denouncing the absurd rumors afloat in the aerospace community. It is this too hot to touch attitude, which should arouse curiosity, but apparently does not…to this day.

The depth of corroborative detail for operational disc-shaped vehicles extends to the targets on the RCS pylons at the Lockheed Halendale site, where in 1992 actual disc-shaped targets were sighted by two individuals from the air. This fits in with local residents reporting actual disc-shaped objects flying at night around the facility. In addition, glowing RCS targets have been sighted, and unexplained, unless the targets were generating ionizing fields, as BBE field propulsion systems might.

Now, Mr., Mrs. & Ms. Skeptic, do you really think all these observations are unrelated to real vehicles that are flying somewhere today?


Skeptics lament that there would be many leaks in a reverse engineering achievement and technology program of this magnitude. There are, but again they are filtered out of mainstream reportorial existence, by ridicule, scorn, smear tactics, and laughter, just like UFOs. Some of the worst offenders are in the UFO research community itself.

The "Where are the leaks?" crowd reminds one of those who take the Fermi Paradox seriously or SETI enthusiasts who both overlook the saucers right above their upturned noses.

The public is mesmerized by Roswell, when an honest look at that veteran researcher Leonard Stringfield, or a familiarity with George Knapp's fine investigative work leads to the unavoidable conclusion that there have been multiple UFO crash retrievals with an unimaginable scientific harvest of devices, tools and materials. George Knapp (as Las Vegas KLAS Television's chief investigative reporter) accumulated over 10 independent sources in Nevada alone, with knowledge of crashed saucers, back engineering of alien technology, and alien autopsies-going on in Area 51.

I ask those who have actually gone through the details of these disparate sources, accumulated by such a veteran skilled evaluator as George Knapp, how can they just dismiss the corroborating puzzle pieces that he has assembled and, it must be mentioned, attracted the attention of obscure federal security agencies and a curiously attentive staff of these watchdogs.

Skeptics need to immerse themselves honestly in the impressively detailed deep investigative work of Leonard Stringfield, who reported accurately the powerful and credible testimony of many "leakers" who rebelled against secrecy and unburdened themselves at great risk about the high tech cornucopia of crash retrievals.

There were "leakers" who spoke of carefully concealed secret rooms jammed with exotic devices, and hidden hangars with intact alien craft.
Other" leakers," sweating and trembling with fear, related many covert events. There were "leakers" who expressed real emotion as they described these other-worldly events; events, that arguably constituted short cuts to the tricks of gravity engineering.

It is highly instructive to examine, word for word what the deep insiders, Marion Leo Williams and Bill Uhouse have to say. In addition, we have the large serious roster of Disclosure Project witnesses, several of whom assert the existence of fully operational gravity controlled craft. Skeptics cry, "left wing politics!" and discard it all. The honest analyst will add sources in spite of real surprises, a tough lesson that has to be learned from doing intelligence estimates.

The argument for field propulsion is inextricably bound together with the case for UFOS-a package deal. Deal with one, and it leads to the other.

Knapp's sources fit neatly into the near deathbed confession of a former cold warrior-spy and Lockheed employee, Marion Leo Williams, who scoured the globe for rare equipment to support crashed saucer research and alien autopsies, and work that according to Investigative journalist, Andrew Basiago, was going on in Area 51.

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