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Is There A God The Mother?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 13:30 March 30, 2009

"Think off center." - George Carlin

Mother Goddess

One of the first things that had me wondering if the Bible had been edited over the years was a section in Genesis. It mentioned God the Father and God the Son but neglected to say anything of God the Mother. Even in the eternal sense, how does one go from Father to Son without the aid of a Mother? It's as if someone isn't telling the whole story here.

Since organized religion is primarily a patriarchal system, it gave those in power a chance to deny women any kind of power.

Part of it may be men didn't want women to be involved with Lilith freethinking. Or perhaps it was fear of feminine mystique. Maybe the reason was the blame attached to Eve for the fall of man and exile from Eden.

It is entirely possible that early writings were changed, destroyed or ignored. Who knows what information is being kept out of public circulation in places like the Vatican Library.

According to those who believe what is written in the Bible, the man is to be the head of the family, the woman subject to him.

Now if the woman is consulted for her thoughts and opinions before the man makes his decision I don't see a problem. But if the woman is expected to be meek and submissive every time, I don't see the point of the marriage continuing as the woman involved must go through a fair amount of suffering in silence.

Mary has been referred to as the spiritual mother of the Catholic Church, a lofty title for someone who was just a human being. The Universal Spirit could be described as the divine parent of all humanity, possessing all the best qualities of both male and female.

Editor's Note: Although I am not Catholic I have read that the Catholic Church believes that Jesus' mother Mary was also born through miraculous conception. According to "God desired that the Virginity of Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, be so perfect, complete, and all-encompassing that even the manner of her Immaculate Conception and her Holy Birth were required by God to be entirely Virginal, occurring solely and entirely by a miracle of God, and not in the usual way."

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