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Stephen Yulish was always interested in UFOs and was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. He studied astronomy and exobiology at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1969. He eventually became a History Professor at The University of Arizona for seven years where he visited Allen Hyneck's Tucson group. He became interested in Bible Prophecy after he had a headon collision with Jesus Christ in 1988. He is presently disabled with MS and writes about endtime scenarios. Email Stephen Yulish. Visit Stephen Yulish's website.

A UFO Digest Movie Review

What You Absolutely Need to Know about the movie Knowing
by Stephen Yulish PhD

Posted: 15:05 March 24, 2009

Author’s Note: If you have not seen this movie yet you may want to skip this article because it reveals the surprise ending

I could not think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than to veg out on a good, entertaining sci-fi movie. I have loved doing that very thing for over 50 years so why stop now. I loved movies like Forbidden Planet with Robbie the Robot and The Day the Earth Stood Still. I had seen the trailers and it looked fast paced and exciting which it turned out to be but the reaction to the movie by the critics (it was panned) and the general public (it was #1 at the box office) as well by me turned out to be not what I was expecting. I guess that I have matured over the years and now have more discernment. With all the talk nowadays of science fiction movies like the Race to Witch Mountain “acclimating people to the idea of alien disclosure and preparing us all for the new realities dawning in the 21st Century” and “being a wonderful way to indoctrinate the masses by being a great piece of propaganda”,, Knowing seemed to wrap up all those assumptions in one apocalyptic fireball. The movie had mysterious Watchers (fallen angels aka extraterrestrial beings) who the writers wanted to roar like God did in Job 37:4-5 when they talked, but who actually sounded more like the devil who prowls about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devourer (1 Peter 5:8) and their UFOs were wheels within wheels like the Prophet Ezekiel saw. These alien Watchers wore black suits but were revealed later to masquerade as angels of light just like Satan (2 Corinthians 11:14).

In spite of this lame attempt at biblical imagery, the theme of this movie, in my mind at least, seemed more centered around the dichotomy between determinism and randomness. And even in this area which caused many critics to pan the movie because God forbid there be any meaning to the universe lest anyone judge, they still got it totally wrong.

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A review of this movie which appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Friday, 3/20/09, by Christopher Borelli symbolizes this distaste for the movie by high browed, atheistic, literary critics. Borelli wrote that the movie had an “evangelical fervor of a movie made during W’s first term.” He said that it was a “potent slice of disaster porn like the Left Behind movies and that it dabbled in faith and doubt and had no patience for fence sitters.” “It slipped off of the tracks into self righteousness”, Borelli concluded, by saying that “if you believe in determinism then we are all just cogs in an unraveling cosmic joke.”

To show you the ridiculousness and narrow minded bigotry of men like Borelli towards anything religious (i.e. determinism), let me briefly explain that this movie has nothing to do with the Bible or the word of God. This was not a Christian gospel message but was entirely an alien gospel message. If you want to call this determinism as well fine, but please make the distinction between a God centered determinism and an alien centered one. The only evangelistic fervor in this movie was for the alien mindset and maybe as well for an alien disclosure before the apocalypse.

In the movie, a school fifty years ago (1959) wanted to put children's drawings of the future into a time capsule to be dug up in 2009. On of the young children goes into a trance and channels a long list of numbers onto a piece of paper. She appeared to be a little peculiar and ends up in a closet bloodied and was obviously not doing anything of God. When the capsule is dug up in the present, a MIT astrophysicist’s (Nicholas Cage) son opens the letter with all the strange numbers. The father who is a random type cosmological scientist stumbles onto the fact that these numbers are really predictions of disasters and accidents both past, present and future which rocks his world. Also, his father is a Pastor who he has not spoken to since his wife accidentally died in her sleep in a hotel fire. Although his father the Pastor believes that everything including his son’s wife’s death happens for a reason, this does not make this movie religious determinism.

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