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Peter Fotis Kapnistos is an American journalist, editor, and publisher now residing in the Eastern Mediterranean islands. After a career in fashion and advertising photography, Peter turned to photojournalism. After a personal experience in 1974, Peter turned his attention to the research of paranormal phenomenal, particularly the links between UFOs and the Bible. Peter helped to introduce public access to the Internet in the eastern Aegean islands by establishing a number of Internet Cafes there. He currently writes code for various websites and lives in the Patmos group of islands (of the Apocalypse), where he believes one of the most excellent UFO encounters was witnessed and recorded. You can contact Peter by email at

More Terrible than Atlantis?
by Peter Fotis Kapnistos

Posted: 12:00 March 15, 2009

According to Plato, the “great and wonderful empire of Atlantis” ruled the prehistoric Mediterranean world as well as “the opposite continent” (of America), which surrounded “the true ocean.” Today the legend of Atlantis is mostly rejected and sporadically made fun of by writers who see it merely as a philosophical invention of Plato’s imagination. Yet we have reached a perilous stage in human history that might prove to be even more terrible than the fall of Atlantis. To comprehend the impending jeopardy, let’s look at some resemblances between ancient Atlantis and modern Britain.

In 1623, Sir Francis Bacon published “The New Atlantis.” In that utopian novel he described a mythical ultramodern island whose citizens attempted to conquer nature and utilize their shared knowledge for the benefit of their civilization. But what if the scientific or industrial outlook they condoned was flawed — so faulty, in fact, that it would eventually produce the cataclysmic footprints of global warming?

The British Commonwealth is an intergovernmental group of 53 autonomous states. Most of them were parts of the British Empire (Britain established a dozen colonies in the New World). The term "Anglo-American" is nowadays used to jointly describe the United States and the United Kingdom. At the end of World War II, the US and Britain became founding members of the United Nations. Close military teamwork between the US and Britain created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Britain was the most significant ally of the US in the Cold War and helped in nuclear research. When the British Empire diminished throughout the world, the United States emerged as the unmatched global superpower.

The word “Anglosphere” describes a group of anglophone (English-speaking) nations that share historical, political, and cultural features rooted in the historical saga of Britain. According to James Bennett, founder of The Anglosphere Institute: “Geographically, the densest nodes of the Anglosphere are found in the United States and the United Kingdom, while Anglophone regions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa are powerful and populous outliers. The educated English-speaking populations of the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa and India pertain to the Anglosphere to various degrees."

The solution to ranking the power of modern Britain is a “network commonwealth.” Perhaps the network rule is how we should also reflect on Plato’s Atlantis. His unfinished narratives in the dialogs Critias and Timaeus spotlight a central island. But Plato also stated that Atlantis was in fact a sizable network of ten governments.

“Each of the ten kings, in his own division and in his own city, had the absolute control of the citizens, and in many cases of the laws, punishing and slaying whomsoever he would.”

Plato gave us the outline of a commanding sea-faring civilization whose kingdoms must have initially been islands or continental harbors — stepping-stones, as it were, or network seaports between Atlantis and the coasts of Europe and America. But the heart of the empire was “the island in which the palace was situated.” In the same way, Britain today, despite its small size, is the recognized focus of an enormous supporting network, which we call the Anglosphere.

Plato's account was first derived from Solon (c. 638 BC–558 BC), who had been told by Egyptian priests of the loss of a great island empire. In recent times, geographical and archeological facts suggest that the disintegration of Atlantis may be related to a massive Bronze Age volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean Sea, which produced a flooded caldera and destroyed a highly developed Minoan civilization on the Greek island of Thera, also known as Santorini.

In 2006, an international team of scientists found that the second largest volcanic eruption in human history, the massive Bronze Age eruption of Thera in Greece, was much larger and more widespread than previously believed. Scientists found deposits of volcanic pumice and ash 10 to 80 meters thick extending out 20 to 30 kilometers in all directions from the Greek island of Santorini. “These deposits have changed our thinking about the total volume of erupted material from the Minoan eruption,” said volcanologist Haraldur Sigurdsson.

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