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Planet X:
Described in ISAIAH 63

by John DiNardo

Posted: 14:00 March 14, 2009

February 2009

Ever since Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ——> YHVH ——> Yahweh ——> Jehovah ——> God (Yeshua ——> Jesus, to be) communicated to Isaiah's mind the Hebrew words recorded on his Chapter 63 scroll, twenty-seven centuries ago, every Latin Vulgate translator, every King James translator, every Jewish Publication Society translator, spanning the centuries and the continents, has been hopelessly bewildered and baffled by the utterly mysterious pronouncements, which God transmitted directly to Isaiah's mind, and which Isaiah or his scribe obediently recorded in Hebrew characters on a sheepskin scroll.

"What's this?" translators throughout time must have wondered, scratching their heads, dumbfounded, telling themselves, "I've got to make sense of this somehow, so let's see if I can knead it like dough until it takes the shape of something intelligible. After all," the translators rationalized, "I must not present God's Words as nonsense."

But that's the nature of man, isn't it?

He'll take a square peg and shave down its corners until it fits into that round hole. However, though Daniel was sometimes baffled, he still transcribed God's mentally telepathic Words exactly as received. That's because prophets are irresistibly under God's control, while translators, conversely, can misguide themselves in their erudition, abstaining from prayer. However, because we, in these Last Days, pray the Bible, God does unearth for us Bible mysteries, which stymied the scholarly translators of old.

Winged Disk
By Melodie

I was led to ISAIAH, Chapter 63, by some compulsion, from God I believe, with the spiritually intuitive feeling that therein were buried clues surrounding the annals of the ancient Egyptian historians who survived God's ten plagues upon Egypt, some 3,600 years ago. Their ancient Egyptian records, entitled "The Ipuwer Papyrus," are on display at the Museum of Leyden in Southern Holland.

Isaiah & The Ipuwer Papyrus

Astoundingly, ISAIAH 63 illuminates itself when we discover, in "The Ipuwer Papyrus," that God's "Destroyer" (in EXODUS 12 and 1st CORINTHIANS 10) appeared, skimming the skies over ancient Egypt as a "blood red" comet, whose three near-earth force fields (gravitational, electric, and electromagnetic) devastated Egypt and, indeed, the entire World.

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