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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris writes about people, places, and things pertaining to "Alien Civilizations Exist!" She is a believer and supporter of the future and the accepts that other solar systems and ascended beings exist! She believes that we are not alone in this universe and that we are being visited by other beings more sophisticated than ourselves. She would be glad to speak on the subject and why she believes so strongly. You can read her articles and books. Visit her websites: and Email Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

A UFO Contactee's Secret Journals
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Posted: 16:20 March 7, 2009

J. Allen Hynek
We come in peace. This saying from old television shows and movies has been used repeatedly. I truly believe in extra terrestrials and UFOS and this is an introduction to only part of my whole story. I have a long story to tell that will take quite some time, so, as I write a book literally, I will sometimes post an article.

I dedicate this small article of truth to all UFOlogists and also, to Dirk Vander Ploeg of UFO Digest. If it were not for his E-magazine, I would not have been known by the public as I now am. I was fearful of going public. Now, I feel it is only right.

I feel it is finally time to share more details of what I know with others. This is an age of revealing and so many people still think that speaking of UFOS is funny and weird. This will be their downfall in the future if they are not awakened to truth.

The Disclosure Project is a worthy cause and I applaud Dr. Steven Greer and all the prior military and government civilian contractors who have shared their own truth. The group has shared their information with the press and videos can be seen on You Tube. In addition, there is Project Camelot and other worthy videos on You Tube.

In my early young adult life, I shared a few secrets with J. Allen Hynek of CUFOS before his passing. I shared with him only a small bit of being taken as a small child. I never divulged my complete life but I was only 28 through 33 when I conversed with him. Since my life has been one monitored I know that there are others like me.

My life has been filled with extraordinary experiences. So many that it would be better to simply write a book and divide the experiences into chapters chronologically. Many of my friends in the UFO and paranormal communities now support me in this project.

I have been taken repeatedly and remember the missing time. The last time was on November 13-14 of 2008. I have been able to think and write much better since my last experience. I know this sounds weird but I think they did something to my physical and mental bodies to allow me to absorb more and to communicate better. I know that this sounds totally whacked but the way I am not is so different.

There are so many times I cannot explain all the details but I will share those I can.

One person William Barry Gaunt of MUFON has been my greatest supporter. Barry has encouraged me to write down my whole life in an autobiography. If my story ever gets out to the public, then it should be Dirk and Barry that get the credit for encouraging me. I cannot explain how hard it is to share information that you know is going to create much controversy over who you are and how you think. There has been an overwhelming response to my articles on UFO Digest, American Chronicle, my websites, and others that have carried my UFO and paranormal articles. I appreciate all the support and I know that there are many people who believe me and just as many who do not. This is part of the enigma and mystery.

I also have doubted my whereabouts to myself. One time when I know I was taken I was alone and found myself outside watching a play ground with a merry goes round spinning very fast when I came too. I do not drink or do drugs and am against that type of lifestyle. I was sober and rested. I had awakened from a night of sleep. That night sticks out in my mind just now so I thought I would mention it. This was outside of my town house one night when I lived in Sugarland, Texas.

Many readers want to know the locations of the sightings or contactee experiences. Since I never had a bad memory of being an Abductee, I have always considered myself as a contactee because of the memories I do remember.

Maybe this is part of my reasoning and research now is to learn to separate those memories or lack of that have to do with being "TAKEN". These memories are far more interesting to me than those I cannot remember. However, I have been waking up over the years through time spent on earth. People want to share and compare notes with me on the Internet and I need a place for people to reach me and leave their stories. I have many websites but people desire to have a one on one email conversation with me so they do not really work. I get so many emails right now I cannot get to them all. I have several email addresses for that reason. Therefore, I hope that writing a book will assist all of those people who want to confer and connect.

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