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Tony R. Elliott has written stories for Fate Magazine for the last 4 years, OP-ED News. He has been a Political Columnist for The Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He has also written featured editorials in several Southern Oregon coastal newspapers during the 1990s. You can email Tony at

Suicidal Civilization
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 14:35 March 23, 2009

Suicidal Civilization

As I read some of the articles in UFO Digest and other related publications I find most of the writers and witnesses to strange phenomena have one thing in common which is an apocalyptic scenario embedded in their subconscious mind linking anything to do with unusual phenomena as a sign humankind is near becoming extinct.

2012, planet Nibiru, the Mayan Calendar, comets and the Christian Bible all seem to bring most to the idea these ancient writings and appearances of heavenly bodies spell certain doom to our civilization.

The aforementioned will have the same effect on human civilization as did the much dreaded date of 2000 in which many believed our computers would either shut down or go crazy and start WW3 immediately after the date rolled over from 1999. Computers simply carried on without incident being able to know mathematics beyond their biological maker's abilities and not having any superstitions to influence them.

The date of 2012 where the Mayan Calendar simply ends and the appearance of the mythical Planet Nibiru at the same time as being harbingers of doom are ridiculous to say the least. Life will carry on, business as usual, with no aliens coming to rescue or eat us.

Sure, we view comets, which we are not familiar with because we have no record of but I remind most of you that we do not know as fact how large an orbit a comet may have, some may have such an extensive orbit that it may take tens of thousands of years to visit earth between appearances. Thus, human kind would have no record of them because we were not capable of recording anything beyond five thousand years in our past.

As far as the Christian Bible and most other religious texts are concerned, they cannot be realistically considered either when prophecy of doom is deciphered from their ancient texts because every tablet ever written has been written by the hand of a human male and deciphered by the same. Sure, these men were supposed to have been individually contacted by a supreme being and directed to write it's will in stone but who is to say that they were not influenced by their own wants and needs in doing so. The interpreters of these texts had their own agenda for society as well.

I could get drunk and write my own grand idea and ideals for society on stone tablets and bury them then in a thousand years after we have long since obliterated ourselves in nuclear war, the archeologists of that future time may consider my words as divinely inspired and ethnologists of that time would consider them sacred. The bottom line is we do not know what the future holds for us as a civilization because we continually search for answers from a secular standpoint and a superstitiously clouded mind.

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