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UFO Digest
Writer of the Year 2009
Robert Hastings
"UFOs & Nukes"

Posted: 15:31 March 29, 2009

Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Sites

The publisher and editor of UFO Digest are pleased to announce that Robert
Hastings is the designated winner of

The 2009 UFO Digest
Writer of the Year Award
"UFOs and Nukes"
and Reinvestigation of
The RAF Bentwaters-RAF Woodbridge UFO Cases

There is no single issue of greater importance in UFOlogy than the relationship between UFOs, their interaction with and their effects on the nuclear arsenals of the world nuclear powers, the Atlantic Alliance, Russia, other nuclear powers (and would-be nuclear powers).

Since the presidencies of Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, the threat of accidental nuclear war as the result of a nuclear exchange caused by UFO intrusion, misidentification or UFO-initiated nuclear launches have been a concern of the utmost importance to national security, world peace and the very survival of humanity. But the world public has been kept ignorant by the collusion of world governments.

For nearly 3 decades now, Robert Hastings has steadfastly pursued the truth regarding UFO effects and powers over US nuclear weapons and on other nuclear arsenals, including the NATO powers and the former Soviet states.

False security is no security.

By bringing forth documented evidence and persuading other USAF witnesses to come forward, Robert Hastings has persistently exposed government deception underlying official denials of UFO activities at US nuclear bases, as well as, the military-industrial cover-up of the UFO nuclear secret.

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