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UFOs Do Not Exist!
by Anthony Mele
(Copyright, Anthony Mele, New York 2009)

Posted: 12:00 March 3, 2009

2/24/2009, 9:12pm, Rockland County, New York, on a crystal clear night, for no particular reason except that the thought came to my mind to point my digital camera overhead and snap a picture of the dark night sky directly above me. Right over head. (Ignore the time stamp as my camera was not set correctly)

Same photo.  Contrasted in edit revealed all of this detail.
Same photo. Contrasted in edit revealed all of this detail.

Anthony Mele
Unidentified Flying Objects aka UFOs is the tag used in journalism and American media to describe the phenomenon of objects in the sky that defy conventional technology and dynamics of atmospheric flight. Once an Unidentified Flying Object becomes identified then it is no longer a UFO, it is an IFO aka Identified Flying Object.

By virtue of process of elimination, if the flying objects captured on video, film and witnessed by thousands of people world wide are not secret military technology, then it is something else. It represents intelligence capable of manufacturing, piloting and utilizing them. Examine the photos and videos on this site. Eliminate 99% as hoaxes and explainable, then the remaining 1% is precisely what they appear to be; intelligently piloted craft, manufactured by something other than human beings as we know them. So UFOs do not exist. They are identifiable. They belong to intelligence other than our own. They are Intelligently Piloted Flying Objects.

In our society, if one eyewitness swears out a complaint to the police accusing you of a crime, the police will come and arrest you for it. Then you will be processed into the criminal justice system, the evidence weighed and a judgment is rendered.

Yet, thousands of witnesses, video cameras, photos, and reams of documents testify there is a craft defying conventional aerodynamics; they are not taken with the same seriousness that same witnesses' testimony would put you in prison with less evidence than this. So what is unidentified is to whom these craft belong. So UFOs do not exist.

They are Intelligently Piloted Flying Objects.

Ask yourself the question. Is there proof of intelligent life in our solar system?

As an intelligent human being, residing on the Earth, spinning through our solar system, you are compelled to answer yes. Since you are proof there is intelligent life in our solar system, what proof is there of intelligent life elsewhere in our solar system, galaxy, or universe? There is none. However, there is proof of Intelligent Flying Objects. Intelligent Flying Objects are evidence of intelligence other than our own. So, intelligent human beings testified they have witnessed Intelligent Flying Objects in Earth's atmosphere that does not belong to us. UFOs do not exist. They are Intelligently Piloted Flying Objects.

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