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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSteve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT'S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group" and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown. Both novels are available from the Barnes & Noble Web site,, and other booksellers worldwide. visit Steve Hammon's website at

Unconventional U.S. soft power:
human perception, UFOs

by Steve Hammons

Posted: 13:00 March 17, 2009

As the U.S. takes a second look at benefits and advantages of the use of "soft power" in international affairs, we might consider some unconventional elements that could fall within this general concept.

Soft power is usually considered to be the ability to attract friends and allies and mitigate adversarial situations by way of the attraction of your nation, society or group.

This attraction may be based on cultural, historical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, political, economic or other kinds of assets or features of a given country or people.

Recent efforts to market or advertise positive aspects of America and the policies of the previous administration through public relations projects were not perceived to be especially successful.
What else can be done now as we move forward?


Conventional elements of soft power can be communicated through media platforms such as films, TV, music, books and other creative endeavors. Positive aspects of these creative activities can provide understanding and insight that result in constructive perception about the America.

In some cases, for example, the themes of Hollywood movies may run counter to official U.S. Government policies at a given time. This tells people around the world that some Americans do not always agree with certain government activities and policies.

In other cases, movies, TV and books may just delve into the complexities and gray areas of a range of topics that shed light on the many aspects of American society and the diverse history and nature of the American people.

For example, there has long been international interest in Native American Indians and the rich cultures they represent. This history since the arrival of Europeans is somewhat well known. The more ancient background of the original Americans is less-well understood.

Deeper and more complex aspects of their experiences in North America (and South America) are still being explored today. And, more understanding about their perspectives might be helpful now.

Of particular interest is the growing awareness in U.S. society about the Native American Indian DNA many American families have within them from long-forgotten ancestors. Many Americans who self-identify as white, black, Hispanic or even Asian actually have native ancestry in their genetic make-up. Some are aware of this and some are not, though they may suspect it.

In other fields involving the sciences, natural phenomena and the human experience, the international interest in certain unconventional research, speculation and discoveries might also be assets for the U.S., especially where there has been American involvement or leadership.

This may be one of the areas where we can find interesting, nimble, innovative and outside-the-box unconventional elements of soft power that can be used to good effect.

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