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Synopsis: Two Blocks from Slab Town is based on the actual events of Cissy, an eight year old girl, growing up in a Southern, rural town during the 1960’s. Her father was a World War II veteran suffering from a post traumatic stress disorder. Cissy lives two blocks from Slab Town, an area where homes were made out of rough, slabs of wood. These huts provided little protection from its predatory environment, animal as well as human. Cissy's mother was a clairvoyant, while her father was a clairsentient. She was able to survive and protect those around her by unleashing her sixth sense. As Cissy, I was glad to have this experience. I learned that a single flame can cut through the darkness making its own path.

Two Blocks from Slab Town
Walk! Do Not Run! (part three)
by Saturna Brown

Posted: 22:30 March 28, 2009

We are much harder on people who betray us in small ways than on people who betray others in great ones. (Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, 1613-1680)

Two Blocks from Slab Town

     I crept by Mother while she was setting the table. I locked the bathroom door. I went over to the window and opened it. Since the screen was missing, it would be easy to reach the narrow steel ladder. This ladder was attached to our television antenna and was two feet away from the window.

     Joey and I were familiar with the ladder, since we were always using it to get on the roof. When I stood on top of the roof, I felt like I was in another world. I always had this weird feeling that someone or something was always watching me. When I stood on the roof, I felt closer to this higher source.

     I climbed on the window sill and stretched my leg to reach the ladder. I swung the rest of my body over to it, like a monkey after a banana, and climbed down.

     Now, I knew I could get back in by climbing the ladder, but what about Joey? He was too short to reach across from the ladder to the window. Pondering the situation, I came up with an idea from something I had seen on television. Bending down, I told Joey to stand on my back. Slowly….I rose up as high as I could.

     At first, Joey weighed a ton and I did not know how long I would hold up. Then, my mind went completely blank and Joey became as light as a feather. He grabbed the window sill with both hands and pulled himself up.

     I climbed up the ladder after him.

     "You'll have to take it off," I told him.

     "No way!" he said. "You're a girl."

     "Sh-h-h," I cautioned. "Mother will hear us."

     "I don't want to take my underwear off in front of you," he whined.

     "Either you'll take it off or you can clean it…yourself."

     "Can't I do it without you staring at me?" he asked.

     "Oh…alright," I said turning around. "It's not like I haven't seen it before…pausing…after all…I helped change your diapers when you were an infant."

     He handed me his soiled underwear. "Here!"

     I held onto it without breathing, since it reeked. First, I dumped the underwear in the toilet. Next, it went into the nearby sink, so I wring out the water from the toilet bowl. I squeezed the water out the best I could, before giving it to Joey.

     "Yuck…it feels awful," he replied. "What if Mother finds out?"

     I stood at the sink washing my hands. "She won't."

     I tiptoed to the door and opened it. I heard a knock at the back door. 'Oops, too late." "Come on in," said Mother.

     We had to get out of the bathroom, before any of Mother's guests needed to use it. Since Joey was too short to climb out of the bathroom window, that meant we needed to go out the front door. I prayed that no one needed to use the restroom or ask to wash their hands as we waited for everyone to be seated.

     I grabbed Joey by the hand and rushed towards the front door. The door was already opened. We dashed through the screen door and off the front porch. "Where are we going?" he asked.

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