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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingEllis Taylor is an international Australian born experiencer, an irreverent Otherworld traveller, and a researcher and investigator into our natural and supposed supernatural (Ellis sees no demarcation) environments. He is a psychic, numerologist, painter, speaker and writer. Website is: Ellis is the author of four books published by BiggyBoo Books and printed in the UK and USA Two are also published by Hidden Mysteries.

Wings in the Woods
by Ellis C. Taylor

Posted: 11:51 March 29, 2009

16th March 2009

This was to be my first night staying with a friend in her beautiful cabin retreat in the forested hills east of Perth in Western Australia.

UK Photograph Shows UFO next to RAF jet!
On the first night we were driving back from visiting a mutual friend who lives quite close by. As we descended the winding tree-lined drive to the carport I spotted a huge wolf-like creature. It was sitting bolt upright, over four foot high with an unwavering intense alertness in front of a large tree. Its long coat was two-tone - a pale and a darker brown and it its erect ears were rounded at the tips. It stared at us with a demeanour that stated with certainty that it was on guard and that nothing, absolutely nothing, would get past without its OK. It didn't flinch as we drove past I looked around but whether it was because trees and scrub were blocking my view or that it had melted out of this dimension it was no longer visible. I had no doubt that it was still there though and that it wanted us to know that. Something was in the wind.

17th March St Patrick's Day

It'd been an exhausting day and I decided to retire to bed at about 9.30pm. I fell into a deep sleep almost immediately. Some time later I felt a pressure on the end of the bed as if someone had sat down on it and then I heard a voice say something - it may have been a name and I keep thinking that it may have been 'Jason' but right now I can't say for certain that it was. Immediately, sensing that something was about to occur, I started to infuse and surround myself with white light but for the first time in this life I could not get the white to be bright, only a dull white.

The pressure at the foot of the bed began to shift about and now fully awake and on edge I heard my name called, "Ellis!". I was laying on my back and I attempted to move but couldn't and I tried to open my eyes but they remained firmly closed. Through my eyelids I could see moving lights and shadows and then, first of all quietly, I heard wings begin to beat, small wings they seemed; slowly at first. I was only covered with a thin sheet and this began to wave around, rising and falling and the sound and feel of the flapping wings began to move towards my head and they seemed to be growing larger. The wings were now beating very rapidly, like an insect or a humming bird, and the sheet moved up, down, sideways - like waves on water - at the same speed. When the wings got to about my shoulder blades it felt as if whatever it was was hovering and the sheet began to peel back towards the foot of the bed. I could feel the wings brushing my back and then something tapped (or pecked) me hard on the back of my neck. All of this time I had been trying to move to fend this thing off, to get something! Then I heard a high pitched note and like a coiled spring suddenly released my arm thrashed at the back of my neck but there was nothing there. I got up and switched on the light but I couldn't see anything. I was fully awake and looked for the clock. From previous experiences I was expecting the time to be around four o'clock - they almost always are day or night. I was astonished to see that it was only 23:53.

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