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A UFO Digest Movie Review

Race To Witch Mountain:
preparing the masses

by L. A. Marzulli

Posted: 13:00 March 19, 2009

I saw Race to Witch Mountain, March 15, 2009. Great movie! Lot’s of action and it’s contemporary film making at it’s best, as there’s never a dull moment.

Let’s strip it down and expose the truth of what I think is the underlying point of this movie.

First off, one of the most alarming aspects of the movie, is that the beginning sequence shows REAL UFO footage. It’s a five minute montage of pictures, video’s, voice-overs and finally, we hear the voice of Bill Byrnes - UFO Hunters - tell us that UFOs are real!

This isn’t fiction or story telling at this point, it’s more like a documentary that points the viewer to the overwhelming - there’s that word again - concept that UFOs are real! When you go and see the movie please pay special attention to this part, as it sets the stage for the rest of the film.

For anyone watching the opening it would be hard to deny that UFOs are manifesting in our skies with impunity! This is the first step that the film takes to indoctrinate - is that too strong a word  - the viewer into the concept that the UFO phenomena is real. While they might not be openly revealing themselves to the public, our government is well aware of their existence.

This takes us to the set up for the plot, which simplified is this. Aliens come to earth because their planet is dying. These aliens have damaged the ecology of their world, so that nothing will grow. Think a plug for global warming and Al Gore, here! They have come to earth in order to carry out an experiment, that will reestablish the ecology on their planet. But there are other aliens, back home, who think that it would be better to just invade earth and take over this planet.  

A flying saucer - disk shaped craft -  crash lands in the desert, and at once a military/government, UFO, retrieval team is dispatched  to investigate. They discover that two Aliens are on the loose and headed toward Las Vegas. This sets up the rest of the story, as the two aliens have changed  their appearance to look like children to us.

By chance, they happen upon a down and out cabdriver - The Rock - who agrees to take them to their destination. Of course, you would think that beings who are capable of flying a gazillion miles through space would just land where they need to and thus, avoid the cab ride! But, there wouldn’t be much of a story if that happened, would there? Without giving away the plot I’ll say this.

The children, who are both blond haired and fair skinned, display all sorts of supernatural powers. Telepathy, mind reading, telekinesis, (the ability to move objects), the ability to  pass through solid objects, like walls or the back seat of cars, and the ability to create a protective force field around themselves. Their powers come in handy as they are being chased by a bunch of government/military gooks, who want to dissect them for science!

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