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The Upcoming
Great Deception

by Grant Porter
(Copyright 2009 Grant Porter)

Posted: 13:22 March 1, 2009


Watch the movie Zeitgeist, and you'll see how wrong you actually are on your website, we are already living the great deception it has been in place for a very long time, you are being manipulated in everyway, everyday!!! Because the powers that be (people behind the curtains in government) don't want you to know the real truth! The real truth is that religion is nothing more than a plagerised story taken from the Egyptian book of the dead and slightly altered to become the bible we know today! All for the sake of trying to control the masses and it started with the romans plagerising this ancient text all for political gain and it still continues to this day ie: Roman Catholic Church and government force feeding people these lies!

The real truth is that these aliens (ET's) genetically engineered primitive man (APE) to become what we are now! Their experiment involves our souls that they created somehow! They call us containers and are only interested in our souls because apperently they don't have or know what it is to have eternal life and they want it for themselves and don't give a damn about us! And some governments are working with these beings in exchange for their technology, but we are also starting to find out that we were once a great civilisation and something happened and it was all lost - until now! Evidence is showing up on the moon in the form of huge structures, cities and artifacts, these are also being discovered on mars, the moons of mars and Iapetus just to name a few! Whether these ancient ruins and technology is our or theirs is another question! But it is there!!!! And the powers that be don't want you to know this!

Just reference the following ie: Why have NASA never returned to the moon and Moon secrets revealed - John Lear and Richard Hoagland and also Hidden Discoveries, NASA's biggest secret or just do a search on Richard Hoagland and it will all start to become clearer. The fourth part of the Zeitgeist movie was cut from the original DVD and is titled: "Our Reptilian Masters" I guess it was to controvercial for people to see right now, but following the references given about will give more insight into this.

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