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Art Champoux has been an UFO investigator since 1964. He has worked with Ray Fowler, Walter Webb, John Keel, a lady that he can not name, and several different UFO groups. In the 1960s he was with APRO, CAPER, NIACP, then when APRO went out he was with NICAP and then APRO, Now he is with MUFON. The world of the paranormal has always fascinated him as even as a small boy he had some eerie happenings. His Great grandmother was a spirit medium so maybe he has inherited something. He is a hypnotist and has written for several publications and his leanings are much like John Keels. He beleives there is an ultra force, not from outer space, but much like John's and even Jaques Vallees' contention...we are but one dimension out of many that reign on this planet.

The Abduction Of Laura
by Art Champoux

Posted: 14:10 April 27, 2007

I had the opportunity of interviewing an abductee. Her story came to me as a result of asking some of my contacts if they knew of any "silent witnesses." As a result of my sources I met Laura. (Not her real name)

After initial e-mails and a promise of confidentiality Laura opened up to me. Through several emails she gave me the details of her enigmatic encounters with the unknown. Here is Laura's story.

Her story is an example of the many facets that the abductee experiences and continues to experience for the rest of their life. Her encounters mirror those who under go the same type of psychic attacks. These encounters, I have also experienced in my past. So I can have empathy for her and her past experiences and the trauma that she lives with daily.

I must stress here that she did not know what I have endured and of the horrors of the psychic attacks and the emotional and draining effects it had on the body and the mind of me. So I reassured her that I personally understood her problems and if she was ready to talk about them I would be glad to listen. Then I asked her if she would let me tell her story under an alias name. She agreed.

So I gave her a briefing of what this enigmatic phenomenon does. The trauma, the emotional affects that get hidden in the recesses of the mind both subconscious and unconscious minds. As a hypnotist I understand these workings. I also explained the levels of the mind might take some time to get over but with patience, understanding and help with professionals it would and could get better. But there are other factors that will happen if they have not already. I mentioned the dreams and the nightmares and the flashbacks that could occur. She told me they already have. I told her to go with the flow and with talk therapy and time and loving supportive people they would get easier. They would not GO away but would become less traumatizing. I was and am very empathetic to her and her situation. Once she trusted me she loosened up.

I knew what I went through so my venture into "the "WOWS" syndrome as John Keel would say was a hard time for me!!! One of the common denominators that Laura, myself and others share are: fear of the dark, fear of going asleep, and the nagging fear that "they" might return! Laura had these problems. Some of her psychic problems will come in the form of dreams. People in the Bible did, also.

She related to me that the onset of her "problem" was the dreams of being alone.

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