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by Derrel Sims, CM.Ht, R.H.A

"THE REST OF "THE RR3 STORY" as told by Derrel Sims

Portions of this story are taken from the upcoming book, "Best Evidence"

Standing alone in the city of the Angels at LAX international airport, I wait for a special ground transportation on this historic day for me. I am in the general area agreed upon, I looked at my watch one more time. I was waiting to be picked up for a meeting that would turn out to be my first contact with another potential piece of physical evidence from an alien craft…this one supposedly from the Roswell site.

The plane had arrived on time and I had a few minutes to reflect on the years of investigative research in my work on alleged alien implants. "Tomorrow I will be in position to launch in a grand venture."

This "venture" would later be declared to me by Walt Andres (then director of MUFON) to be something that might have potential. Mr. Andres said to me: "Derrel, you have single-handedly discovered the implant phenomena and opened up an entire new field in UFOLOGY."

I remember the date well. It was August 18, 1995 and tomorrow was the day of the first surgical procedure for the removal of an alleged alien implant in a publicly witnessed setting. Certainly, it was not the first implant removal as I had several already established cases years before, including some from other parts of the world. However, this would be the first case publicized in this way and my reputation as a credible UFO investigator and almost 3 decades of work was on the line.

I had made some strong claims, predicting the medical findings surrounding the anomalous object to 250 surgeons at John Muir Medical Center the year before.

The time had come to publicly test my hypothesis (in part) concerning these objects left by the Alien. Each step in the process (this was only one of many prior to and after the surgery) was to be validated in some way. The reason for inviting a viewing audience to the actual surgery (by video camera wired to another room for viewing) was to provide witnesses to the site of recovery of these pieces of evidence. I was sure of my information and sure of the two cases selected from literally hundreds of my case files.

These were two credible individuals with fascinating stories. They both had case histories indicative of a pattern of abduction and the medical and physical evidence potentially to prove it. The surgery had gained the interest of many wonderful volunteers (I had worked with most of them in the past) and willing once again to assist in the process of the collection and documentation of physical evidence.

I met Dr. Roger Leir, DPM at a UFO conference. Upon hearing of the venture, Leir's interest was aroused and he volunteered his surgical skills to remove 2 foreign objects from a woman's toe. He was a skeptic at the time regarding my claims surrounding alien implants. That made him a good choice, as there would be less chance for a biased opinion of the medical/surgical results. As Dr. Leir's license was limited to procedures related to the foot, other arrangements were made at a later date with a physician surgeon for the removal of the object in the arm of a man who had purportedly been abducted.

The whole team, my two clients and the selected observers were now gathering in Los Angeles and ready to go. In a sense, it's like being at the expedition site, where the "X" on the map had been marked years before. I had to wait for the right time to remove the "treasure" and that time was now.

I knew what was there and my excitement was high.

For now, though, I was waiting these few moments to be picked up and taken to an unknown destination for a meeting with someone I did not know well to discuss an object already shrouded in mystery. Even if it did not result in the collection of a piece of real physical evidence, I knew that this afternoon would be, at the very least…"interesting."

And it was.

It began as a long, sleek limousine drove up along side me; my baggage is boarded, my comfort assured.

"Sit back and relax, the trip will take awhile", the driver said.

I soon discover he knew nothing of what was to transpire…only the destination, and he wouldn't tell me that either.

"I still don't know whom I am to meet" I thought and I began to wonder what is so important at the other end that I am escorted in this grand fashion. Why all the grandeur, glamour, mystery and mystique?

Collecting physical evidence has taken me to many parts of the world and can be grueling, sometimes dangerous but always exciting. Of course, I have no idea where I am headed…(or why) other than the man has requested my attendance to his building complex for a very private meeting that is UFO related. I settled back to enjoy the comfort of the ride.

Irrefutable physical evidence (or the possibility of it) of an intervening Alien presence in human affairs forces an individual to make choices about the basic nature of the world they think they live in.

It also seems to be one of the best ways to gain the attention of the media and, therefore, the general public, a group mostly made up of people who have not personally witnessed the phenomena or refuse to believe what they see. It tends to force a paradigm shift evoking a strong psychological and emotional reaction from some.

I do believe most will agree that ignorance is an ineffective and dangerous way of greeting anything new. It is my intention to continue to investigate all the evidence that is out there, present that evidence once the facts are known and to cushion the impact of it for those without the courage to believe.

I have many good cases. Some of my best cases have not been reported yet and some of my less than best cases have not been mentioned either. Part of the nature of evidence requires the courage to be willing to separate fact from fiction.

I am not afraid of the truth in any matter and learn from every case I pursue. I report cases when the corroborating evidence is overwhelming in one direction or the other.

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