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Derrel Sims'
"Saber Enterprises Dream Team"
To Conduct Forensic Investigation
To Find Roswell UFO Debris

The Saber Enterprises magnetometer is a scalar magnetometer, meaning it measures the total strength of the magnetic field to which it is subjected. Our PPM operates on the principal that the protons in all atoms are spinning on an axis aligned with the Earth's magnetic field. When they are subjected to an artificially induced magnetic field, the protons will align themselves with the new field.

When this new field is interrupted, the protons return to their original alignment with the Earth's magnetic field. As they change their alignment, the spinning protons precession, or wobble, much as a spinning top does as it slows down. The frequency at which the protons precess is directly proportional to the strength of the Earth's magnetic field in that particular location.

Our Wells-Dalton PPM accurately measures the instantaneous strength of the Earth's magnetic field even though it is constantly changing because of manmade interference, diurnal variations, and magnetic storms caused by sunspot activity. These variations could be mistaken for a target's magnetic signature, or could mask a target's signature completely. To minimize the effects of such short-term variations, our design incorporates two sensor coils separated by an appropriate distance and their outputs compared. This is known as a differential magnetometer. In the absence of a magnetic target, both sensors will be exposed to the same strength field, and their outputs will be identical. When one sensor nears a magnetic target, its output frequency will differ slightly from the other, regardless of instantaneous variations in the total magnetic field, and produce an audible signal. Unequal magnetic fields will produce unequal frequencies, audible as a beat frequency or waver in the output signal.

Because the precession frequency depends only on atomic constants and the strength of the external magnetic field, the accuracy of this type of magnetometer is very good, enabling it to detect a hammer-head sized object at a depth of 40 feet, certainly within the expected parameters of the anticipated debris.

This is one of several expedtions to be conducted by Sims' various "Dream Team" members to find UFO evidence in the field.

Materials / Lodging / Volunteers are being sought for this project:


Since this is a Philanthropic effort on the part of all involved, please consider donating any amount of money to assist in the expenses of this endeavor to help disclose the Roswell Matter.

Other primary needs are:

Someone to manage/supervise the needs of the operations of food/water and basic needs of those present.

Travel Trailer for several days use at the area to house scientists.

Mosquito netting tent (and other tents) for headquarters and sleeping quarters of volunteers. Basic equipment for digging in the area should items be found.

Contact Derrel Sims, at:

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