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Soviets Built German UFOs
(Rough translation by Google Language Tools and rewritten)
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 18:15 April 4, 2007

Miraculously preserved photos from the personal archive of Mikhail Dubika of Orlando airport base SESN on Svalbard in 1952. The pilots jet training there were stunned to see offspring of German engineers.

On the summer morning of July 16, 1951 part of the La-11 1619-Northern Fleet out of Murmansk was on a routine patrol in the coastal territory. The first 30 minutes of the flight proceeded normally, and then lead Captain Peter Vusov, flying at an altitude of about 4000 meters above the sea, spotted a slowly moving object. "But, by getter closer, I saw a strange object-dark disc 20 meters in diameter and unmarked, but armed with powerful cannons below. I have never seen such a machine and immediately contacted the base and reported the craft. At that point the pilot of the unknown probably noticed our planes and dramatically changed course." The fighters on this patrol were armed and Vusov decided to attack the strange object. They fired 23mm shells, which apparently caused no damage so he went around for a second attack, but the results were the same. The commander then radio them, Vusov and lieutenant Ivanchenko who was piloting a second plane, were ordered to cease-fire and immediately return to base.

This old German picture can be considered a model of what Zimmerman and Meyer built to study for layout purposes and to where to locate weapons.

The pilots waited to be debriefed and to their surprise a stranger not in military uniform accompanied the senior officers. This man was obviously an important person who worked for the government. "I was scared", recalls Vusov. The pilots were told not to tell anyone about what they saw and that the matter was of national security. After the debriefing both pilots were transferred: Vusov to the Pacific fleet, and Ivanchenko to Khabarovsk. Both pilots were also promoted.

In the early 1930s, a young German, Oregon Irman Mayer designed an aircraft with an inverted shape with ringbolts in the center. Such a design would protect vital engineering components from possible enemy fire and the area was of sufficient size to accommodate the onboard weapons. However, it was only a theoretical design, and he was well aware of its shortcomings. Fortunately, the young and talented aircraft designer noticed the work of his colleague Heinrich Zimmermann, who was involved with unusual aircraft, of which the most promising was based on the so-called thin wings. Both designers created the Brian Zimmerman Mayer project to design new and innovative aircraft. Mayer proved to be an excellent collaborator and he generated ideas that were an important element of their future designs.

The disc was intended for attacks on marine convoys and enemy squadrons.
In 1942-1943 eyewitnesses claim to have seen what looked like a turned upside down disk. The centre was designed with a transparent cockpit. The disk was powered by turbojet engines (Jumo-004B) that could be steered and had a flying speed of about 700 km/h and a landing speed of 60 km/h.

This craft has been extremely unstable in flight. It was tested at concentration camp KT-4A, and one of the disks successfully took off, but because of strong wind overturned, crashed, caught fire and exploded.

From 1943 to 1945 the designer team solved the instability problems caused by the operation of the engine and built a larger version.

In the spring of 1945, with the project almost finished, the Allied forces defeated Germany. The German military ordered that all paper, models, designs be destroyed. They even ordered the executions of all of the engineers involved in the project. Fortunately, the designers managed to escape.

After the defeat of Germany, the allies did not find any evidence of the existence of this system. Soviet search teams were luckier. The Soviet Union not only discovered all of the documentation on the project, they found Irmana Mayer and his entire team of engineers who have taken refuge in a wine cellar on the outskirts of Berlin. They were then taken to the Soviet Union to continue their work.

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