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UFO Alien Telepathic Development
The Basic Beginnerís Level

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

UFO Alien Telepathic Development - The Basic Beginnerís Level
Being skeptical is fine, and a good part of being human. I believe we are all skeptics and that we are all cynical to some extent and that some are more questioning of the abilities of others and their own abilities to accomplish telepathy. This is partly due because many are not taught this from the time they are born or so they think. Actually, when we are born, if it was not for our natural survival instincts to cry when we needed breath, food, water, or comfort as warmth or cold, we would probably not survive as beings. When we learn to expand our abilities, we learn to hear, touch, see, feel, smell, taste, and when our basic survival needs are met, we then look beyond ourselves for other discoveries of our world outside ourselves. This is a natural process of being a human being. Some of us learn to get what we need and want in many ways as children. Some of us rely on others to assist us in certain situations. I have studied children my whole life having four of my own, and I took child psychology, and psychology 101 which have changed in text books through the years. I strongly believe that it was understanding human behavior that assisted me in looking elsewhere for my answers. I do believe that all human beings should be allowed to study the basics of human psychology in their academic basic education.

The UFO alien telepathic development will not happen overnight and the psychic abilities we all have and this is the most important lesson when can receive in the beginning of understanding what I desire to teach and share with others like me. Many have told me I was luck. I tried to explain that there was no ďluckyĒ about it, that I was simply using what God my creator gave me and they had the same abilities if they would just develop them. People have gut feelings, hunches, and certain feelings that many will simply claim them as their own opinion about a subject. Everyone can feel and think as a human. We can call ourselves mental in many ways and there are those in my chosen field of expertise or specialization that refers to the many levels of the mind.

We refer to the inner self and the outer self. We use terms like the literal mind as the objective world and the programmed mind as the subconscious where your own beliefs are kept inside of you. Now add to this the intuitional mind that is above and beyond what we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel on the outside but how we internalize the input that is incoming from all around us at all times. Too much input can effect the mind and this has been proven. There are many neurological definitions, studies, and findings that I cannot take the time in words to go into at this time, but, let it suffice us to say that we know that the intuitional mind lies beyond consciousness as we know it to be generally speaking.

We use the intuitional right side portion of our brain while the left side attends to the basics of our being as logical. The limbic portion and the literal mind has to do with physical bodily functions. All that we are and all that we do requires all the many portions of our mind to work together. Some things we can do instinctively and in unison. Think about riding a bike, or driving a car for instance. You were not born with the abilities literally or were you? We draw energy from outside ourselves whether negative or positive. The frequency of these energies vibrate and many different frequencies. What we are taught is that every human being has levels of the mind, and many refer to the conscious, and the subconscious or unconscious only. We also know there are left and right sides of the brain but we now know that all the portions of the brain have functions and that we simply do not understand it all. We all have mind over matter. But, we may not all realize that there are five parts of the mind that we can use and these do not house even one tenth of what the human mind is capable of accomplishing in one human being.

This is what I desire to spend the rest of my time on earth accomplishing, that is assisting others in using their minds and raising consciousness of the whole. This is only one part of my mission statement while on earth. I am about awareness, communication and education. This is why I have opted to begin the Ascension Center Education Nonprofit Inc. There are many ways to assist others and we all want to believe that we can someday make the world a better place. It is a healthy goal in life to want to add to the positive and be part of the solution as a whole and not part of the problem or negativity only finding what is wrong and needing to change. Change is constant in the universe and inside of us all. This is obvious.

There are many skills that we can offer to the future generations of this planet and some of the skills include telepathy, psychokenesis, psychic healing, ESP, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, precognition, retro cognition, scrying, psychometry, psychic reading, and many other forms of energy put into words. All of these skills are evolving on earth in many beings and in many groups who practice these skills together as a group. There are many things we can learn alone but it is always nice to have a sender and a receiver working together.

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