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A UFO Digest Book Review
reviewed by Malcolm Robinson, SPI

(Copyright 2008, Malcolm Robinson, SPI, All Rights Reserved)

Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy
by Miriam Delicado

Posted: 12:00 April 7, 2008

PUBLISHER: Trafford Publishing. PRICE: 9:89, $19:13. ISBN: 142513207-3. If you'd rather place an order by talking to one of our cheerful order desk clerks, please call 1-888-232-4444 (USA and Canada only) or 250-383-6864. From Europe, ring our UK order desk clerk at local rate number 0845 230 9601 (UK only) or 44 (0)1865 722 113.

Miriam Delicado's Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy
There are thousands of books from all corners of the Globe which deal either with UFO Sightings or the people that see them, whether that's close up or having the misfortune to be abducted. Those who know this subject, know how very wide and varied it can be. There is an absolute multitude of hypothesis's as to what is going on, each author of each hypothesis thinks that their conclusion or idea is the right one, there may be of course a bit of overlap and a bit of give and take on certain elements, but in the main, each author has dealt with their own witnesses and tried to find out what's going on in what is a very controversial area.

There are probably as many authors as there are UFOs these days each who want you to buy their book. Some are doing it for the sincere belief that what they have experienced demands to be heard and there is nothing the matter with that, but there are some authors who effectively will make claims in the extreme and deserve to be exposed. Every time I read a book containing claims that the author has met aliens I'm hoping that whilst reading the book I can see the sincerity and feel the truth coming through, and I'm pleased to say, I certainly felt it with this book. This book didn't just start it 'exploded' and generally when I am reviewing a book I will mark for points of reference every page in ten, however, with this book I was marking paragraphs and sentences on nearly every page to come back to and I can't say that I have 'ever' done that with any book that I have reviewed in my life and boy they've been a few.

So what makes this book stand out from the rest, surely this is just another person making claims that they've met and interacted with aliens! Yes well that is true, however what is significantly different in this book, (certainly for me), is the author's own heartfelt feelings on her own personal experiences that absolutely come racing out of he pages of this book and floods through the reader's mind. It's gripping stuff, maybe not something that is all so different from other such claims (to a degree!) however there are some marked differences in this author's claims more so to the fact that she is not talking about meeting the all too often 'grey's, but of the 'aliens' (if we can call them that) who were more prevalent in the 1950's and 60's and I refer to the tall beautiful golden haired blue eyed Nordics, (students of UFOlogy should well remember them)

OK so shall we begin and see what this book has in store for the connoisseur of their UFOlogical learning's? I think we should.
Miriam was just your normal woman living with her parents in a small town in British Columbia. Born in 1966, Miriam soon grew up knowing that she was different, it was a feeling that was very strong and it was a feeling that soon proved correct as a host of weird and peculiar things started to happen to her as she continued her journey throughout her life. As a child, her sisters and her had very little in the way of toys and amused themselves playing for endless hours in the nearby fields close to her home this was all sweet and innocent until she found that she could read people's thoughts. She just needed to stare at someone and more often than not, their thoughts would come racing into her mind. This was no idle nonsense, Miriam's friend's confirmed her utterances on more than one occasion which brought laughter but sometimes frowns as the information was later proved correct. When Miriam was young, her father played a very important role in her life, they used to go for long walks where he would tell her about the wonders of the universe, it seemed to her young mind, that although he was imparting incredible information, most of which her young mind couldn't assimilate, she felt that he was still holding back, that there was something else that he wasn't quite telling her, which, as the years rolled by, proved more than true.

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