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A UFO Digest Book Review
reviewed by Malcolm Robinson, SPI

(Copyright 2008, Malcolm Robinson, SPI, All Rights Reserved)

Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy
by Miriam Delicado

Not only was Miriam's father highly knowledgeable about stars and planets and the wonders of the universe, he was very psychic, and proved his ability to Miriam and her sisters on many occasions, he kept telling her that she was 'special' and gifted but didn't elaborate any more than he had to. In 1976 the family moved house and soon after they had settled into their new home they soon realised that they were sharing it with something else, something 'unseen', this presence was felt very strongly by Miriam and, dare I say, by anyone who stayed over in the household as they were kept awake by banging and dragging sounds. It was during this time that (as Miriam puts it) her psychic ability began to awake and manifest. Soon Miriam's psychic ability would expand and prove somewhat astonishing to all her friends.

The book goes on to inform the reader about many paranormal events in young Miriam's life and also of the time when she held a girlfriend's hands (whose hands were covered in unsightly warts) and within a few seconds her female friend said that she could feel her hands 'tingling' a few weeks later her friend showed Miriam her hands and all the warts were gone, coincidence? or a healing ability ?

Sadly like a number of teenagers these days, Miriam took to drink and drugs and lost the way (shall we say) for a number of years and descended into a life which wasn't pleasurable by any means, however, even although her life was more or less at rock bottom, her psychic gifts were even more stronger and she states in her book that her 'gift' was as common as 'breathing' In 1980 after a family argument, Miriam went out for a walk and during that walk there was a sudden realisation that she was put on this planet to help people, but she didn't understand why, all this however, would soon become clear as she made her way throughout her life. It was also at this point that she left the family home to try and make a go of it herself.

The main event or catalyst should I say, that changed forever the life of young Miriam Delicado, was when she was 22 years of age (1988) It was a night when her whole perception of life and who she was changed forever, it was the beginning of a journey which has taken her to write this book, get the message of the 'aliens' over and try to make mankind understand that we truly are 'not alone' in the vastness of the cosmos.

Initially the events started with a strange dreamlike encounter of going through a tunnel and meeting some strange people as she slept on a coach at a friend's house, I won't go into the details of this encounter too much here, however some weeks later on a car journey to Vancouver with friends as she lay dozing in the back seat, she was again catapulted back into that tunnel where a voice boomed out saying that "We are your friends, we are your family, we are coming for you". To say that she was shocked would be an understatement. A short while later into the journey, Miriam and her friend saw lights behind their car, but initially didn't think too much of them thinking that perhaps it was another car following behind them. For the next couple of hours or so, these lights would keep pace with the car, then disappear for a while then come back close again. Needless to say it 'wasn't' another car. Fairly soon Miriam was catapulted into the Twilight Zone. She claims the car was stopped on the road and six small childlike' aliens' came towards the car, taking her from the car and into a UFO that was sitting on the road. These small creatures Miriam relates, did NOT have the large slanted eyes that other witnesses claim to see on these creatures, rather what she saw, was big ROUND eyes. !

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