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Are We Covertly Being Colonized
By Aliens?

by Ed Komarek

Interface from GAME PRO UFO: Extraterrestrials.
The leaders of all nations have decided that these alliances are essential for human survival even if though some may question the effect of these alliances on civil liberties and global sovereignty. In order to mitigate any possible societal shock and disruption world leaders have decided to declare a temporary worldwide state of emergency. People should not be distressed at the temporary institution of martial law and suspension of civil liberties as these are necessary steps to ensure order in time of crisis.”

The President or UN leader might go on to say, “The public should be aware that there are other extraterrestrial races that have failed to contact and collaborate with world governments. We have not always been successful in keeping these other races out of our airspace and off the planet. Citizens should not have contact with these races that may appear friendly but in fact could be dangerous. These uncooperative races are considered a very serious national security threat and any attempts by citizens to contact or interact with them will simply not be allowed.”

Some misguided individuals harboring false ideas of freedom and liberty will try to contact these subversive infiltrating races but if they do they will be severely punished. We regret that we will have to take such actions but it is necessary for the security of our nation. We in authority are completely on top of things and because we have a better overall understanding of the situation, citizens should and must allow us to do our job and trust our judgment. We are counting on all patriotic Americans to report any citizens having extraterrestrial contact on their own and without government permission to the authorities.”

I believe such a scenario would be a recipe for open civil war between autocrats and democrats worldwide. If this scenario came to pass will those of you that have blindly believed in your government and demanded absolute proof of extraterrestrial life now just as blindly support colonization and martial law? If we have to fight a revolutionary war all over again where will you stand?

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