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David Icke: Just Who Is He?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 00:35 April 29, 2008

"The first key to wisdom is constant and frequent questioning...for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth." -Pierre Abelard 11th Century philosopher.

It all started with a newspaper article I was sent a few years ago. The article was from the Georgia Straight, an arts/entertainment paper located in Vancouver B.C. and was written by Brian Salmi on David Icke. The article grabbed my attention right away despite not hearing of David Icke prior to this but was similar to what I heard on the Art Bell Show.

After reading the article I gained access to a David Icke at the local library called "And The Truth Shall Set You Free." I found it quite an interesting read as it backed up some of my suspicious of what is going on in our world. The main one being that a small group of elite families are running things from behind the scenes especially in the fields of economics, politics and religion. For the first few months that I studied David Icke work I found myself agreeing with 80 to 90% of what he had to say and write.

At first I thought Icke was one of three things. One was he was a very good fiction writer. Two was that if Icke was passing some of his stuff as fact he needed to check his story out more. Three was that if Icke was anything close to the truth, us humans are in deeper trouble than originally thought. I have to give Icke a lot of credit for writing and saying the things he does. It takes a lot of balls or guts to do it probably knowing most people will think it rubbish.

As things have come into more focus for me over the years, more of what Icke has to write makes more sense to me. One thing I was skeptical on was the shape shifting lizards often mentioned in Icke's books but who is to say the lizards aren't the demons or satanic beings that fundalmentalist religions talk about? Otherwise why so much negative energy and influences that have infiltrated our systems and thought patterns.

I've wondered for years just what information NASA and the Vatican has that they don't make public. Plus just was is behind the us versus them mentality that is so prevalent in politics, religion and in human relations? I think what passes for conventional wisdom these days is little more than a cover up of what is really going on in our world. It's time to connect the dots to see what is really happening. I have to wonder what the Bilderberg Group, World Bank, United Nations and similar groups are really up to.

I do believe David Icke is on to a few things. Otherwise why is he keeping at it or why are there groups and individuals out to discredit him?

Icke has gotten a lot of people asking a lot of questions. This is a good thing. The more hard questions asked is what gets things going as long as soft easy answers aren't accepted. People need to develop a b.s. detector at the earliest age possible. It's not a safe enough world out there to accept anything that comes down the road. It's all part of learning how to think and not be willing to be told what to think.

Also it's important to keep an open mind to various bits of new information coming our way. Like David Icke once said; "If I believe exactly the same thing three months from now as I do today, I'd be disappointed."

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