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Faster Then Light Speed
Space Travel Anomaly

by Rodney Kawecki , physicist

Posted: 13:50 April 29, 2008

Rodney Kawecki
There is New Technology addressing faster then light space travel in both mathematical and literary terminology. Terminology illustrates the possibility of faster then light space travel asserted by substance flexibility of dark matter also known as interstellar empty space by terms. The Standard Model of the Universe attached literature explains fundamental design of the Universe as maintained in modern physics study. Dark matter is a substante and is shown in reference referring to chronological study in advance physics about the creation of the Universe that asserts that from a singularity event called ' The Big Bang " all matter, space and life were formed by.

Within this assertion evidence to faster then light space travel can be established using the density measurements and equations said for in modern physics terminology.

Rules of Gravitation on Earth

The gravitational energy density at the earth's surface is approximately 5.73x10^10 Joules/m^3 or 57.34 gigajoules/m^3. The gravitational acceleration at the earth's surface is about g=9.806 m/s^2 and the energy density is g^2/(8piG). The electric field that would be needed to create an energy density equal to the earth's gravitational energy density is 113.81 GeV/m. e = c.


Within the frame works exhibit the earths surface atmosphere to have a field density equal to E=C according to relativity theory. In conjunction to this we find that a material object traveling through such a field will begin propulsion at zero miles per hour and could accelerate to the speed of light seem here as E=C. (also shown above).

The Quanta Physics Theory admits traveling through planet gravitational field also known as its density field is limited in velocity to the speed of light but renders that to show how faster then light space travel is possible will need gravitation as the comparison exhibit for this patent.

Accordingly from specific studies about are Universe it has been found that interstellar space also known as dark matter is exempt from gravity the way as described in earth's gravitational field. This is shown in the measured schematics in quantum mechanics and is shown with the letters Z.P.E. short spelling for zero point energy. For the meaning of this patent zero point energy is defined as a field existing with no energy content in the field. In this analogy we discover that interstellar space retains no gravitational affects that like earths would affect itself to a moving object and cause it to slow down in its strife for speed It is therefore noted that in outer space or empty space defined, as 'unoccupied' space is exempt of magnetic attraction illustrated in Isaac Newton's first law of motion that states 'any object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an exterior force'.

Since we are talking about empty unoccupied space also defined as dark matter, interstellar space, empty space, zero point energy density field we discover that this field retains a pressure field density that is measured in modern physics and is defined as a ' negative density field space. This due to it previously measured in negative numbers to identify its as a density chemical type substance. This negative density field measures 10 -33cm^2. (centimeters squared). With this negative density space measurement we find that on the positive end of a density field such as earth's atmosphere that measures e=c as shown in the first paragraph definition for gravitation that earths density field retains in having the availability to allow accelerated force of an object to succeed traveling close to the speed of light also shown in the same equation e=c. Shown also the freefall velocity of an object in motion accordance with Newton's first law of motion we find that the velocity per hour an object falls to the planets surface. This also in accordance with the standard model of the Universe accepted worldwide. Where the density polarity in the density of the field acts in accordance with Newton's freefall measurement we can safely say that the object can travel from zero miles per hour to the speed of light through the field. This defined in accordance with general relativity defined by Albert Einstein in 1915.

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