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A UFO Digest Book Review
reviewed by Vince White

(Copyright 2008, Vince White, All Rights Reserved)

Thoughts on Kay's Book:
I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed
To Remember

by Kay Wilson

Posted: 00:25 April 7, 2008

I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember
Kay's recent book is another major contribution to this still deeply shrouded subject. Again tribute must be paid for the continued bravery and strength to speak frankly and bravely of inner feelings, doubts and weaknesses in intimate personal detail - all part of the cost of truly depicting the exotic and still cloaked double life of the multitudes who share these realities.

That decision to catalog her adventures and misadventures for the world is critical to break past current ghettoized taboo territory that 'respectable' academics, with a handful of exceptions, still scowl in disgust at the mere mention of. It takes bravery to describe objects, devices, beings, space craft, levels of consciousness, and events that Lewis Carrol would have been taxed to portray.

How does one really describe two dozen "impossible things before breakfast!" But, Kay has done it. It is a Scholar's delight to go through intricate bizarre detail after detail - as she chronicles with the humor and strength, and the wit and stamina that has allowed her to effectively act as a working cosmic war reporter: as a battle front journalist, meticulously describing every pain filled experience, disturbing ill effect and fascinating details of the high technology that the visitors employ.

These twilight zone travelogues have been written with skillful drama, from a jungle of deceptive, masquerading, manipulative, and sometimes benevolent, off-world forces and faces, some friendly, some fierce 'with behaviors ranging from angelic to devilish' that haunt this world and the reader.

It is my moral obligation to recognize the trials, at times terror, of the unknown that Kay has endured with so many others, though so few have gone the extra step to comfort and guide others through sharing via a Web site and books. Kay has opened herself to merciless ridicule, while offering to scholarly analysis a treasure chest of cosmic proportion to future scientists, historians, and many disciplines. There are priceless clues for those with the sagacity to grasp enough for decades. Indeed, venturing a guess, black world technologists are pouring over every sentence and word of this new book, mining for black gold, obscure puzzle pieces and cryptic clues.

This book is a beacon, guiding for the road out of the dark confusion and fogs generated by those with hidden agendas. The only compass seems to be to keep eyes and effort on those distant light houses that reveal the sweeping vista of the big picture, which this new book does superbly, each page a paving block of understanding toward the day when night's ignorance melts in truth's daylight triumph. Vince White, Jan 31, 2008

Click here to download I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember for FREE.

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