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Worlds Before Our Own Danielle Quinlan Lee is a writer, a psychic, a ghost hunter, a UFO researcher and investigator. She fully support the Disclosure Project and Dr. Steven Greer and all his efforts. She has recently started publishing articles for UFOdigest and is working on several book projects pertaining to the paranormal. Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact her on MySpace. Visit Danielle's website:

Ghost Hunting Etiquette 102
by Danielle Quinlan Lee
(Copyright 2008, Danielle Quinlan Lee - All Rights Reserved)

16:00 April 24, 2008

A ghost, spirit or specter is a compilation of many different elements.

First and foremost, it is the essence and energy of a previously living human being lacking all of it's physical senses, sight, sound, touch, etc.

Second, it is a mass of feelings and pure thought that must use alternate forms of communication. They can easily sense a human's feelings, whether it be fear, malevolence or kindness.

Thirdly, a ghost is a elemental being sustained by an energetically charged environment. Many elements are required to establish the formation of this elusive entity. Energy, first and foremost is essential for it's existence and manifestation.

Upon entering an environment where a suspected spirit resides, it is essential to allow the spirit the opportunity to manifest. If the researchers and ghost hunters charge in with lights out and cameras blazing, the spirit may be intimidated by the aggressive nature and become reclusive. There needs to be a common courtesy from both parties for a successful investigation to be fruitful. Poking and provoking the spirit, while occasionally effective, may result in unwanted physical attacks or no results at all.

Let's review what our basic understanding of ghosts from a scientific standpoint for a moment. All theories and assumed facts based on our experiences, technology and experiments.

First, ghosts vibrate at a higher frequency in their realm than our own due to their lack of physical substance. Our realm having a heavier density and a substantially lower frequency of vibration, causes us to lack the ability to communicate properly with these entities. This assumed fact has been established by the use of electromagnetic field detectors, electronic voice phenomena and various other technology based methods.

Second, ghosts need a substantial amount of energy to manifest in our realm. It is alleged that when an entity is trying to manifest, many amazing environmental changes begin to take place. The area of manifestation becomes increasingly cooler, much colder than it's surroundings and previous readings of the area. The air becomes more dense and significantly charged with electromagnetic energy, hence the common observation of eye witnesses stating that the hairs on the back of their neck stood up. Batteries and sources of energy are occasionally drained or manipulated. Lights flickering or electronic equipment turning on and off may be an example of energy manipulation upon a spirit's attempt to complete formation. This, in theory, is the entity attempting to draw as much energy out the area as possible to visibly manifest. A ghost's energetic temperature signature has been recorded with the help of a thermal camera.

There are many forms that an entity can assume, based on the amount of energy it can consume at that present moment. There is the ominous floating orb of light, the lightweight mist, the dark and sinister looking shadow, various invisible and physically assertive forms and ultimately the fully formed torso apparition. Their abilities to manifest seem to be dependent on the use and availability of some forms of energy. In a home, they utilize lights, batteries and other man-made technologies to enhance their abilities. Outside, where it seems there would be little source of extracting energy, there are ley lines, air charged by naturally occurring friction and electricity as well as various sources of certain rock and minerals.

So, based on this basic information that we living folks have gathered over the years pertaining to the existence of the other side, we can finally put it to good use. My first proposal is that when performing a ghost hunting expedition is to provide an energy source for the entities to utilize. As ghost hunters, much of our technological equipment relies on the premise of being in complete darkness. That is all well and good, but it can deprive the entity of any form of energy to use for manifestation.

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