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Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt BAHons., PGDipCG., MPhil., PhD Tutors in adult non-credit bearing courses in Psychical Research/Consciousness Studies at Strathclyde University and Paisley University, Glasgow. Jackie is a published author of Seances with God:God Through the Ages-and her academic studies of MPhil and PhD -include Shamanic, Out of Body and Near Death Experiences and Mediumship. Jackie has also had many profound psychic experiences herself and writes articles for many different publications and has appeared on a number of television programmes on the subject. Visit Jackie's website: or email her at

Passing away through an ancient pyramid wall
by Jacqueline Jones-Hunt, Ph.D.

Posted: 15:49 April 5, 2008

Passing away through an ancient pyramid wall
On the Saturday morning I dreamt that I was standing inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid and there were two people stood on the left hand side of me. We were stood in a row all three of us facing the pyramid wall.

I waved my arm and they both vanished and then returned instantly with a young girl. I thought for a brief moment how odd she looked in the wrong clothes in this ancient Egyptian setting.

I then waved my arm again and she was absorbed into the interior wall of the pyramid, right were the three of us had been looking moments before. I knew she had now passed on. Immediately she went into the wall she was transformed into the beautiful face of a sheep and she left this sculptured image in the internal pyramid wall. A brief moment later the beautiful sculptured face of a ram in the stone moved over next to the sheep, it was accompanied by the noise of stone moving. I can still hear it now, like a stone door grinding open.

I knew that she had passed on and that this was her chosen way of leaving this physical earthly dimension and that importantly she had chosen this way to go as she had been in the past an ancient Egyptian. I knew that she was a very old soul and this way of making her transition from this mortal sphere was the most meaningful for her.

I knew that she was now with her soul mate from that time, from so long ago and that he was accompanying her to the next dimension, perhaps he had been her spirit guide in this earthly sojourn. I knew that they were both reunited now and there was a peace, a happiness and a feeling of contentment in that for me.

At the time of this experience for some reason I knew that my husband had something to do with this girl. On the Monday when chatting to my husband on the telephone I told him of my strange dream that was not a dream.

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