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Philip Mantle writes about UFOs Philip Mantle is a British author/co-author, publicist, lecturer, broadcaster and researcher of Unidentified Flying Objects. His interest in UFO research began in l979 when he joined the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), and Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS). Although extremely active in the field of UFO research, Philip Mantle has relinquished his various appointed positions, due to professional commitments, with the exception of honorary membership of RIAP. He isk the author of Without Consent, Beyond Roswell, Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon and Alien Autopsy Inquest. He also writes for various magazines and websites. His books are available from the and other booksellers worldwide.Find out more about Philip's books at

by Philip Mantle

Posted: 00:15 April 2, 2008

Project SIGNAL FOUND is collaboration between Philip Mantle and the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, and Nick Pope, the man who investigated UFOs for the British Ministry of Defence. This long-term study project looks entirely at UFO landing cases in the UK & Ireland. The idea behind it is simple. Most UFO researchers argue that the vast majority of UFO sightings can be explained in conventional terms. It is the contention of this project that UFO landings should be more difficult to misidentify than 'ordinary' UFO sightings. Philip Mantle will lead the project with Nick Pope acting in a consultancy capacity offering advice and assistance. Nick Pope had the following to say about this new venture: "I support Philip Mantle in this new initiative. Information overload is a big problem in UFO research. There are tens of thousands of cases and sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. This project should help researchers focus on those cases most likely to involve physical evidence that might help take forward our understanding of the UFO mystery".

Crowds gathered to gawp at the strange lights that hovered silently over Stratford for 30 minutes.

For example it is assumed that UFO landing reports are made by witnesses at close range, thus reducing the risk of misidentification. In the UK & Ireland there are no statistics anywhere of exactly how many alleged UFO landing reports have been made. There is therefore no information on the geographical location of such reports, no information on whether entities of any type were also reported or any physical marks left behind in the environment. I'm sure we are all aware of a certain few UFO landing cases in the UK but there is no repository where all such reports can be accessed, even in brief detail. This is where PROJECT SIGNAL FOUND begins.

It is our hope an intention to liase with UFO researchers and organisations throughout the UK & Ireland and of course witnesses themselves to bring together a database of information on UFO landing reports. Brief details would be updated on a web site as we progress (not yet available) and of course the occasional publication of some of this research in the various UFO publications that are currently available. We firmly believe that this is an area of research that has been sadly neglected down the years and we hope that individual UFO researchers and organisations alike will recognise the importance of such a study and cooperate accordingly. Similarly we hope that witnesses to these events will also offer their cooperation.

Just to give you an idea of the type of UFO landings cases we are looking at I am going to feature a few in brief for you now. See how many of these you are familiar with. They come from around the UK and Ireland and are featured here in brief in no particular order.

February 1979:
Easingwold, North Yorkshire, England.
Ref 1

It was a cold February morning in l979. Phil Shepherdson was riding his motorcycle along the winding country lanes near Easingwold when he came across something that was to change his life forever. Hovering in the corner of a field was a black triangular-shaped object. There appeared to be one entity in a type of 'cockpit' with two other entities standing in the field next to it. All three entities turned to stare at Mr Shepherdson and he believed some kind of 'contact' was made. The craft then suddenly flew off with no sign of the entities remaining. Shepherdson stated that "I turned to look in a field to my left and what I saw just blew my mind. There was a black triangular-shaped object in the field in total silence. At the top of this object was a cockpit of some kind and there was a figure inside it. All I could see was a black-shaped helmet and some sort of black overall. The entity began to turn and look in my direction, I was transfixed. At the side of this craft were two figures, which appeared also to stop what they were doing and look in my direction. For several moments I was just spellbound, I was shaking. There was complete silence as we looked at each other. I certainly had some form of contact; I just don't know what it was. I just had an intense feeling of some connection. I could not move and I could not think. I was rooted to the spot. Suddenly my mind did not accept it anymore and I got on my bike and took off to work". He went on: "I forgot about it almost as if I was told that it was something I should not be witnessing."

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