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Does Blanche Castile point the way to the cave where Rennes Chateau legend is buried?
by Carolyn S.

Posted: 13:10 April 13, 2009

I have showed in past articles that the Arcadians who were thrown out from their homes in Nova Scotia moved to other French settlements including New Orleans which welcomed them. Their ancestors are called the Cajuns we know today. The Arcadians took their legends and myths with them. There is a legend which a Noel Corbu told to a local French newspaper that Abbé Bérenger Saunière had found the treasure of Blanche of Castile the wife of Louis VIII and mother to Saint Louis IX. Legend has Blanche took the wealth of France and buried in a cave near Rennes Chateau. She buried the men who carried the treasure into the cave alive so the secret would be hers forever.

I have been examining the stain glass windows at New Orleans Saint Louis Cathedral for coincidences to this legend and possible treasure. There is a stain glass window which shows Blanche of Castile teaching her son Saint Louis. In the stain glass the window above where Blanche is pointing is a mound of green which there is a dark hole. It looks like a cave. Is Blanche pointing to tell us where a treasure is? Ben Hammott has found a box filled with ancient treasures in a grotto like cave. Ben found a tomb with a body and treasure in a cave near Rennes Chateau. Is the legend true?

This is the window where Blanche of Castile is teaching her son. See the window in the background above her pointing hand. There is a face of a skull over the little girl's head. The skulls are watching in the shadows. Does this represent the dead buried in the tomb?

A cave by a river and Blanche Castile points the way. A cross on top and ghostly face in the cave with a lamb appears in the cave. Who is the ghostly face in the cave? Blanche had no mercy for those who held different beliefs than the church. Ben Hammott found an embalmed body in a cave with artifacts in a cave near Rennes Chateau. The French brought the legend with them and possibly put the story in stain glass at the cathedral.

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