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Mary Alice Bennett is an archaeological restoration artist who lives in the Sonoran desert near the border with Mexico. As an art history student, she has had a life-long fascination with Leonardo DaVinci and also with studying the ancient mysteries. Since her church has a long tradition about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Dan Brown book was not new information to her. "The DaVinci Code" aside, here are more clues in the work of Leonardo to ponder. Email Mary Alice Bennett.

Sauniere's "Sot + Pecheur" Riddle and Ben Hammott's Clues
by Mary Alice Bennett

Posted: 14:00 April 22, 2009

The parchment
The parchment "Sot-Pêcheur"

It was the gaze of Sauniere`s original statue by the church entrance that led Ben Hammott to his first message in a bottle. That find was followed by the discovery of several carved coded stones which pointed to other bottles containing more cryptic notes and diagrams written in red or black ink that had been buried by the priest during his hikes in the mountains. There is a link to these discoveries in a previously known word-grid written by Sauniere called the "Sot + Pecheur" cryptogram. This word-grid was written on red graph-paper as described by Gerard de Sede in his 1967 book "The Gold of Rennes-le-Chateau". The text is framed with a "crown of letters" around the edge of the graph-paper. Some of the notes that Ben found have frames drawn around them as well.

The frame or "crown of letters" around the cryptogram is made up of 22 characters each on the top and the bottom of the frame with 10 letters on either side. 22 is a very significant number in the Kabbalistic science of Gematria, for instance, there are 22 major arcane cards in the Tarot deck. The priest Sauniere was fascinated with Mary Magdalene whose initials "MM" also equal 22.

The "Sot + Pecheur" Pun

"When Bishop de Beausejour succeeded Billard in 1902, he asked Sauniere to explain his income. Sauniere must have known that question would come one day. His reply was that he could not answer it, because it was a "professional secret". Generous sums of money were given to him by "great sinners" - "par des grandes pecheurs". Was he joking with de Beausejour and suggesting it had been given to him by "des grands pecheurs" - "fisherman"? Was it an oblique reference to his famous pun, "Sot + Pecheur"? - quoted from Douzet and Coppens, "The Secret Vault".

Noel Corbu purchased the Villa Bethania from Marie Desnarnaud after the death of Sauniere. Corbu was in contact with a lady clairvoyant who said that a document would be found "in the tabernacle". A search of the church turned up nothing, but years later the "Sot + Pecheur" riddle was discovered in Sauniere`s private altar in the Villa Bethania on April 11, 1966. The document dates from the 1900s period and is based on an earlier one found at Notre Dame de Marceille by Abbe Meche around 1830. Combined with a 64 letter cipher, it turns out to be an invocation of five saints including the two St. Anthonys, St. Magdalene, and St. Sulpice.

The Sot-Pecheur was rolled up wrapped in a page of the Catholic newspaper "La Croix" from 1907 and placed in a hollow bamboo tube sealed with wax at both ends. It was placed behind a loose tile and was finally found by the new owner who had purchased the Villa from Corbu.

Here is the translation of the Sot-Pecheur poem:

"Silly (or stupid, funny, or drunk) fisherman at the mouth of the Rhone, he turned his fish on the grill twice. A devil popped up and tasted it 25 times. Cooked, all that remained was the bone. An angel watched and made a golden comb," signed B.S. Cur. This poem is linked to a local fable "La Legend du Paigne d` Or" - "The Legend of the Golden Comb".

One theory, #17 by Roger Boonart, deciphers the poem as containing references to "Native Roman gold - Hautpoul deposits - Visigothic treasure - Alaric royal Templars Bezu" - the numbers refer to paces as measurements leading to the location of the treasure.

The little document is 100 X 75 mm. On one side the poem is inscribed in black with the little poem on red graph-paper while the on the other side is written in black the title "Sot-Pecheur". The cryptogram contains the same amount of letters as the Rennes-le-Chateau tombstone of the Marchioness of Blanchfort, but it is not initialed with the PS analogous with the stele, the PS standing for "The Priory of Sion." However, the poem does contain the initials "AA" vertically in the lower left and "GL" on the top of the frame which stand for "AGLA" an organization which descended from the PS through the Compagnie du Saint Sacrement.

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