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PRG To President Obama: Disclose by June 2009 or Face the Media
by Stephane Wuttunee

With Brazil, England, Denmark, Mexico, and other nations having released UFO files to the public, Bassett says that the U.S. is lagging behind and has to not only catch up to remain in the game, but take the lead if it wants to retain its influence and standing. He is also of the opinion that failing America's willingness to step up to the plate soon, a better than 50/50 chance exists that another western nation (such as France) will take proactive action by disclosing first. This would make the disclosing nation the new top dog, with the U.S. following meekly behind. This would be damaging internationally to the standing of the United States, according to him.

Will a concentrated and diligent effort such as this help sway the odds? Bassett certainly believes so. Disclosure may be far from President Obama's mind these days, but the seemingly endless series of crises thrust upon him and his administration may also stem from a far greater and problematic issue, mainly the holding back of information concerning whether or not other sentient and highly advanced life forms are present and engaging us as a species.

Are the people prepared for official disclosure? The likeliest answer is that they were ready from day one.

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