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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingBobby Morrison, currently an IT Specialist with the Federal Government, has had a fascination with UFO's his entire life. An Air Force brat, his father spent 30 years in the Air Force as an OSI Agent. To this day, I never knew what he his father did; only that he was the dad I never had. Gone for long periods of time he was seldom home, and whatever secrets he had he took the grave with him. My father was also an abductee, as well as my grandfather. I am the latest in the long line of generational experiencers. You can contact Bobby by email at

Will The Real Gray/Grey (Greye)
Please Stand Up

by Bobby Morrison

(Copyright 2009 Bobby Morrison)

Posted: 09:00 April 23, 2009

There are several common schools of thought or variations of thoughts regarding Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE) visiting planet Earth:

1. These EBE's are here to save mankind from themselve's and restore planet Earth, where all of mankind will live in peace. These aliens are completely benevolent towards humans and only wish the best for us. I believe the term "New World Order" would fit nicely into this scenario.
2. These EBE's are here to observe mankind only as they have for thousands of years. They may at rare occasions push us in the right direction when we have gone astray but overall they leave us to our own devices and simply observe.
3. These EBE's are a sinister race of beings bent on the eventual conquest of planet Earth and the population of the planet with their own race of beings or hybrids.
4. Variations of all of the above depending on which aliens or Gray's/Grey's are being discussed.
5. Actually I forgot: There is another side of the story; that it's only fallen angels or demons, not aliens at all. My apologies for stepping on any toes.

Will The Real Gray/Grey (Greye) Please Stand Up

I have come to believe that the term Gray/Grey commonly thrown around when describing creatures or beings from other planets or solar systems has come to mean any and all alien species of a color Gray or the colour Grey.

There seems to be no consensus among abductees about what a Gray/Grey is. This color/colour is often used to indicate the type of alien one might be talking about, having seen or been abducted by.

As an amateur archaeologist, and having been around many archaeologists for decades, one thing archaeologists all have in common is: Not Much

If one was to take 100 archaeologists and put them together in a large room, one would find that no two would agree and come to a common understanding or consensus. (Borrowed from archaeologists, not my example)

I find this same example true of abductees' also known as experienciers, as there is no common consensus about what type of alien is being discussed. They are Gray's or Grey's, or could be Greye's

Damn Aliens

Sure, many will agree with others on some points but each may throw around the term Gray/Grey alien and each may well be talking about a different alien species, because most if not all aliens are some shade of Gray/Grey. Even the color/colour white could be considered Gray/Grey depending on the light conditions and the person interpreting the color/colour.

For certain, abductees or experiencer's only see what the alien(s) wants the person or individual to see and/or experience. We may think we see and know reality but we are wrong, all of us and that include present company.

I thought I knew something about these aliens; The Gray ones, not the Grey ones. Wait I'm wrong, it's the Greye's.

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