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Publisher's Note: Robert Morningstar and I wish to convey our deepest sympathies to the family of Mr. Hans Holzer. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Holzer several years ago and really enjoyed our conversation. My interview with Mr. Holzer is located here: I remember reading about the famous Ghost Hunter and his investigations, especially about Amityville, when I was a child. I have become a friend of Alexandra Holzer, a daughter of Mr. Holzer over the past several years. Alexandra has written several books and a national column called 'Spirit Talk'.

Dirk Vander Ploeg

Ghostbuster Hans Holzer Dead At 89

Posted: 13:20 April 28, 2009

Hans Holzer is the Ghost Hunter
The Crossing of An Original Modern-Day Pioneering Ghost Hunter Who Broke The Haunted Barriers.-Alexandra Holzer
Hans Hozer, known as the Father of the Paranormal, died Sunday at his Manhattan home after a long illness.

Dr. Hans Holzer, PhD, authored over 145 titles including Murder At Amityville, which was the basis for the 1982 film Amityville II: The Possession.

Having earned his PhD from the London College of Applied Science, he spent over five decades traveling the world to obtain first hand accounts of paranormal experiences, interviewing expert researchers, and developing parapsychological protocols and terminology such as 'sensitive' and 'beings of light’.

Holzer had hundreds of national and regional talk show appearances, co-hosting/hosting programs such as Ghost Hunter on Boston's Channel 2, NBC's In Search Of with Leonard Nemoy (an Alan Landsburg productions), Murder in Amityville, Beyond The Five Senses in Louisville, KY, Explorations with Brownville Productions in Ohio, Radio including a continuous segment with New York City's WOR with famed radio personality Joe Franklin who still is a family friend.

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