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AF Roswell Study Contributor Admits- "It Was ET!"
by Anthony Bragalia
UFO Iconoclasts

Posted: 11:56 April 10, 2009


The Lt. Colonel who was a major contributor to the Air Force's official 1997 study that concluded that the Roswell ET crash of 1947 is a "myth"- now states that the Air Force's Roswell report is itself a lie. The Colonel goes further to state that what he really believes to be true is that aliens actually did crash to Earth decades ago! He adds that he was "used" and that the the author of the Air Force report "was on a mission" with no interest in discovering what really happened at Roswell.

In the Air Force's publication Roswell Report: Case Closed (authored by Intelligence Officer Captain James McAndrew in 1997) the Roswell crash is debunked. The report serves as the US Air Force's official and "final word" on the matter. Captain McAndrew explains in the Air Force report that "crash test dummies" that dropped from airplanes were mistaken by witnesses for the rumored Roswell "aliens." McAndrew contends that local ranchers -when confronted with these humanoid figures laying on the desert floor-confused them in some way to be creatures from another world. An earlier Air Force Roswell report had concluded that the "craft" that was witnessed was actually a fallen top-secret "Mogul" spy balloon project.

Lt. Col. Raymond Madson, now 79, recently related to this author that he was the Project Officer that led the Air Force's "crash test dummy" program, known as "Project High Dive" from 1956-1960 at Holloman Air Force Base. He designed and managed tests that used anthropomorphic dummies in aerial "dummy drop" tests. These tests were part of an Air Force project to identify ways to safely parachute pilots from aircraft at very high altitudes. He tested and analyzed problems that pilots might encounter with the ejection mechanisms for bailing out of new generation aircraft.

Lt. Col. Madson is extensively quoted and referred to by Captain McAndrew throughout the Air Force's Roswell debunking report, issued in book form. His affidavit is found on page 180. Madson even provided many of the famous crash test dummy pictures used in the book. He says that he made it clear to McAndrew that although the "dummies could be mistaken for something they are not" - they could never be mistaken for small alien beings! Madson was visited by Captain McAndrew for in-person interviews over a period of two days. Madson told McAndrew that the dummies did not appear alien- and that anyone would know that these are "essentially large dolls." Madson also expressed to McAndrew that the period of time in which these dummy drop tests occured could not possibly coincide with the time of the Roswell event- the events were too many years apart from one another. McAndrew listened -but did not comment- on Madson's opinion. Madson also said to McAndrew that "we were testing with these 6' dummies to try to protect grown men. The aliens reported at Roswell were said to be child-sized."

dummies.jpgIn fact, McAndrew's Roswell report did not include Madson's real opinion on the matter at all! It appears as though McAndrew wanted to get desired comments out of Madson to be later used to support the crash dummy program explanation for the alien bodies. McAndrew took Madson's words and placed them in the Air Force debunking report in such a way that it did not convey the truth about the way Madson actually felt about the nature of the Roswell event!

Madson says that the statement that he signed for McAndrew (which appears in the report) was accurate, but that -in the context of the overall Air Force report- it is misleading. Madson feels that he was "used for purposes" and that his intent was misrepresented- he did not "buy into" the idea of his "Air Force dummies as aliens." Madson adds that the dummies had tags on them with instructions for getting a $25 reward for their return. He says that this is another reason why the Air Force explanation makes no sense whatsoever. Clearly McAndrew wanted to get all of the historical details from Madson about the dummy drop program that he could (details that only Madson could offer) and then make all of this information seem to support the Air Force debunking efforts.

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