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UFO Report From Japan
by Kiyoshi Amamiya 

Posted: 13:00 April 19, 2009

Taken Up For ET UFO Knowledge

Taken Up For ET UFO Knowledge
I am UF0 researcher who lives in the center of Nara Prefecture Tenri City in the Japanese Islands. My name is Kiyoshi Amamiya. I am 64 years old.

I witnessed UFOs three times near the market where I go shopping. However, it was not possible to take a photograph at this time.

Well, when I returned to the parking lot, and it put on a helmet in the head, the object like a big bird was seen in the sky. It turned by the direction and 40 degrees in the angle of the east. Then, it appeared in the air in there was no object another by another one. The very thing body also participated in the turn. A and another object appeared in the air and it participated in the turn.I am UF0 researcher who lives in the center and Nara Prefecture Tenri City in the Japanese Islands. My name is Kiyoshi Amamiya 64 years old.

Thus, it turned as three black, spatulate objects in total drew yen. The range was reached and existed in three fingers, that is, yen of three degrees in the angle.

Taken Up For ET UFO Knowledge
I measured the angle from ground to the object by the palm.

I put out the camera. And, [shatsuta-] was cut aiming at the object. The zoom of the camera was operated a little on the way of this operation. Perhaps, it presumes to have become an expansion of about 100mm.

Two pieces disappeared suddenly in three turning objects. And, only one piece was seen to leave the straight line toward the east. The appearance was seen, "Flying saucer".

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