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A Brief History
Of My Favorite "Martian" Photograph

by Robin Anderson-Forbes

Posted: 13:29 April 30, 2009

Out of all the photographs of aliens I've got a favourite that has intrigued me for years. I've always wondered about its history and if it was real or fake. And if it was indeed a fake, how they did it and why they did it…Whoever, 'they' are. I came across this photograph again recently in an unexpected place; the UFO section of the Library and Archives Canada.

A Brief History of the Vintage Alien Photo and My Interest

The photograph in question is pictured here to the right. The picture is a vintage photo that depicts four people; two of which appear to be secret agents of some sort, escorting a small alien-like being. Behind this odd trio are two women, who appear to be following and looking at this strange sight with much interest. You'll find this photo all over the web along with assertions that the photo is genuine or that it's a proven hoax. The problem I've always had is that usually no one is able to back up the claims either way.

I've heard and read a number of theories about both the origins of this early 'Men in Black' type photo and how it was done. One of the theories is that it was proven that the original photograph had a baby pram between the men and that one of the women was pushing it. I've heard this from a couple of sources but none of them has been able to show or tell me where this was proven. A friend of mine who is an "old-school" photograph re-touch artist had heard of that theory too but he's never seen that proof. Moreover, he's also wondered for the longest time how on earth it was re-touched.

One of the other odd aspects of the history of this photo is that there are at least two accounts for where it was originally taken. Some accounts (and we're also talking oral history here) say that the photo came out of Europe in the 1950's and that it portrays an ET captured in Germany. Other stories say that it originated from Mexico or New Mexico from that same general time period. The 'agents' in these stories have been CIA, FBI, Gestapo, KGB and who knows what other spy or law enforcement agency.

With all these little incomplete stories and theories, this one little photo has become quite the legend in its time. Something where, everyone goes, "Oh yeah, I heard about that…" It's a curious head scratcher all right but one that usually doesn't occupy too much of my time. And then I came across it in the virtual exhibition of Canada's UFOs, at the Library and Archives Canada website.

Well, first (to be more accurate) I came across a letter from FBI Director John Edgar Hoover mentioning the photograph.

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