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Ed Komarek lives a simple quiet life dedicated to an understanding of himself and the nature of life and living. He suspects that life as we know it is a high tech nano virtual reality program. He believes that we are eternal beings existing in a greater immaterial universe of which the material world is a subset. We enter into a body in order to experence from the inside this virtual reality field. This virtual reality program acts as a school where one chooses lessons to be learned mostly on a unconscious basis. The determining factor is to become aware of the unconscious choices we make so as to exercise our free will and to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Visit Ed's website:, Email Ed

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Was the Biggest Fool of All? (Act 4)
by Ed Komarek

Posted: 16:30 April 6, 2009

ďI have become Shiva, destroyer of worlds.Ē Dr. J. Robert Oppenhiemer

As the curtain rises, we find that crazy fool Ed Komarek sitting in his rocking chair, bare-chested and adorned in cutoff shorts and straw hat, drawing a long draft on his corncob pipe. He is in the chair with his bare feet propped up on the railing. He muses as to wither he did the right thing telling Gordon Novel and Steven Greer that Ron Pandolfi had violated their confidences?

The last time I remember violating a confidence was when InfoTech sent me an email that he InfoTech was in trouble and that his life, his family and AJ had been threatened and that he was not to communicate with her or the folks at OM. He said that all his electronic communications were controlled including his phone. He said he was electronically boxed in and afraid.

I had to take that threat seriously and made a judgment call to release the email into the public domain. I felt that a good offense was the best defense. It worked and InfoTech was allowed to communicate with just me and as best I can remember the message also was forwarded through to me by OM management. AJ could not break through the communications blockade and as far as I know nobody else.

InfoTech told me he could communicate with me again and that he was not angry at me but wished I had not made public the email. As it turned out it seemed that whoever was communicating with InfoTech got angry and threatening when InfoTech lost his temper and thatís when the threats were made.

I am beginning to think that the threats might have been contrived if Ron was the person behind this communication blockade. Still it is illegal to threaten peopleís lives especially civilians and it gravely upset all parties involved. This is no joke. I find it interesting that when I began to ask InfoTech as to exactly what happened that resulted in these threats the total information blockade when up again and I could no longer receive emails from him. Another thing happened that AJ and I could not quite figure out, OM management locked our investigator thread for a number of conflicting reasons that did not seem to add up. Another little item was when Ron demonstrated to me that he access to all my electronic communications recently.

Now this got me wondering that their might be a scandal brewing not just on a few of those other rouge ships but much closer to home at OM. J I remember those posts involving brainwave technologies were buried in a lot of posts from InfoTech and I doubt if somebody like Ron found them on his own. Most likely there was a snitch at OM which I first thought might be Dan, Ronís fall guy, but then there was that strange situation of the thread being locked and emails asking questions not returned from individuals in management. The plot thickens. I am not accusing anybody here quite yet I am just explaining my musings and I could of course be quite mad. J

Now, it this turns out to be true and I mean if, I donít see a moral problem in snitching on InfoTech if there were national security concerns involved. What bothers me is that once I released InfoTechís personal email saying he, his family and AJ were threatened, AJís and my investigation was thwarted by OM management locking the OM thread. Clearly it is illegal for any intelligence officer threatened the life of InfoTech, his family and AJ even just to intimidate him let alone violate privacy laws. Another little suspicious item was that who ever had InfoTech in the hole would only let me communicate with him after I publicly began raising hell. This got InfoTech suspicious that somehow I might be involved and made a joke about it.

Yet OM seems to have done nothing. My question to OM management is this true? If so why did you not come to InfoTechís defense, one of our own, and instead let him hang in the wind right from the beginning. If all this is true, then OM management showed lack of courage in protecting one of their own! Oh, please tell me itís not true that I am quite mad. That you werenít sleeping with the devil and you didnít place poor InfoTech on the altar to make bloody sacrifice, for it is I who may be the next to fall. For those that do not stand together will fall each one by one.

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