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The Paradox:
How Trying to Outsmart the Prophecies
Leads to Their Fulfillment

by Michael Horn

Posted: 13:29 April 29, 2009

Billy Meier
As has already been mentioned in a number of articles, including, the reality of the Meier contacts, and the accuracy of the prophetic information contained within them, is well known in higher governmental, military and intelligence circles. This is true not only in the U.S. but also in numerous other countries…and by the UN. That it isn’t acknowledged publicly is no less surprising than the ongoing official silence regarding the cover-up about extraterrestrial UFOs, as well as the terrestrially originating, secret military craft that have been sighted in the skies for many decades.

However, certain parties at the helm of the U.S. foreign and military policies think that they can outsmart, or beat, the outcomes such as those that are foretold in the Henoch Prophecies ( among others.

Unfortunately, they fail to understand that the causal thinking and actions behind the drive for U.S. world domination, ongoing for more than 60 years (see: are what must be dramatically changed if the unbelievably negative consequences, which include not only World War III but, ultimately, the complete destruction of the U.S. itself, are to be averted.

So the paradox is that all efforts to continue with essentially the same doomed policies of aggression and domination, in whatever clever guise, only assure that the dreaded resulting mega-blowback will occur.

As I reported in May 2006 (see video below) “I asked if the US would attack Iran, a plan which has also been in development for several years now. Meier said that if the US does attack Iran it is very likely that Russia and China will attack the US and if that happens it is also prophesized that Israel will be completely destroyed, apparently by China.

“I am not trying to scare you or to bash the US. Just to give you the information so that you can decide what you will do with it. Self-responsibility is the essential principle at the core of the Meier case. Nobody is coming to save us from the mess we have created for ourselves and quite possibly for future generations, if there are to be any. My real purpose in all of this is to help make these prophecies wrong, to see to it that they are not fulfilled and if this is what interests you too then we have quite a lot of work to do, individually and collectively.”

The situation created by those bent on further aggression is somewhat akin to someone trying to decide which is the most effective means to use to commit suicide, while pretending that they will survive taking the irreversible action.

And radical religious fundamentalists such as these give their own folksy, and also suicidal, spin to the lunacy

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