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The Toll of Silence:
The Human Cost of National Security Act of 1947 Secrecy
by Niara Isley

Posted: 13:11 April 22, 2009

On March 28th this past month I did something that was a big deal for me, I spoke publicly at the Aztec UFO Symposium about my extraterrestrial-related experiences, both my childhood through adulthood abductions/contacts and my more challenging military experiences while in the Air Force. You can read a basic account of those experiences at / or search the UFO Digest website for the article, Nellis AFB Radar Specialist Witnesses UFO. If you have seen the Bruce Burgess 1996 "Dreamland" documentary, then you've seen me, I was the female radar specialist interviewed in shadow.

When my experiences first came to light, they left me reeling in shock for a number of years. I was very resistant to coming forward publicly about them. At first, frankly, I was terrified. Someone or some agency had gone to alarming lengths - at great personal cost to me - to get me to compartmentalize that memory and bury it and I was quite positive they would not want me remembering it, and most certainly not want me talking about it. Not only were the actual experiences traumatic to recall and re-experience under hypnosis, the very idea that such things could happen in the "United States of America" that I had learned about in school as a child growing up was even more chilling. American icons I carried around like the flag, mom, baseball and apple pie went up in smoke. I was, from the moment I came out of hypnosis, living with and trying to manage an internal level of terror, trying not to let it overcome me so I could go on living and working my job and paying the bills.

The few friends I told of these experiences found them so far outside normal human everyday reality that they tried to tell me I was mistaken somehow, or just to forget about it and put it behind me. But when you are handed an instant case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), how was I supposed to "just forget about it and put it behind me"? And even before the memories began to be reclaimed from hypnosis, there was internal physical and emotional evidence of PTSD.

So on the one side, I was afraid of government-military repercussions and I had my recovered memories of how terrible that could be. On the other, I had friends and family who couldn't seem to handle even hearing about such experiences. It made seeking healing or help seem impossible. For a long time had to live with the internal tremors of the PTSD.

I was already kind of a different sort of person from the norm - sensitive, inward-focused, nature-loving - had been from childhood on, and I was afraid this would just isolate me further from the rest of "normal" humanity. In addition, on my quest for more information about what had happened to me, and in what context it had occurred, I met many grim and angry conspiracy-theory types who seemed to have little sense or intuition of the spiritual (rather than religious) side of life. This grim anger was not what I wanted my life to be about… so after a few years of digging up more information, that brought up more questions than answers, I decided to shove it all to the back of my mind and get on with the kind of life I wanted to have, one that was centered in spirituality and connection to others.

This did not work either. The essence of a spiritually-lived life is to "know yourself", to collect all the fragments of your spirit that trauma and challenging experiences have split away from your essential being-ness and reconstruct yourself into a new, integrated, healed and whole self. So, after several years of shut-down, I opened up to my memories and PTSD with a new agenda, to heal the emotional fallout from my experiences. I was very fortunate at this time to find a wonderful, caring and gifted healer to work with on this, and I'm deeply grateful to her for her help. I could not have come so far as I have now without her. I now hope to pass that help on to others using the body-centered life coaching training I've had, and other certifications I've collected over the years.

The Cost of Silence: Our Government of the People, by the People, Stolen from Us

After 8 years of a political coop that usurped the U.S. government called the Bush-Cheney administration, I have learned the cost of staying silent, and it is far too high to remain silent.

The Cost of Silence: Our Government of the People, by the People, Stolen from Us

After 8 years of a political coop that usurped the U.S. government called the Bush-Cheney administration, I have learned the cost of staying silent, and it is far too high to remain silent.

Those of us who signed on for military service, for whatever reasons, patriotism, to learn a trade or to see the world, didn't know we were signing on to become part of a terrible secrecy that would lay heavy on our souls and isolate us from the rest of humanity. We didn't know, in some cases, that we signed up to be guinea pigs for whatever experiments our superiors saw fit to inflict upon us for their own ends. For people like myself, that have had experiences with the shadow government/military-industrial complex, that have left their lives in a shambles or worse, The cost of National Security Act of 1947 secrecy has been far too high. In addition, as a result of enforced silence under pain of imprisonment or worse, we have a dangerously uneducated and unaware mainstream public regarding what goes on behind the impenetrable curtain called "The National Security Act of 1947", and in this case, what We the People don't know, can definitely harm us.

Speaking Out & Whistleblower Protection

Many of you reading this may have watched Steven Greer's Disclosure Project Witness Testimony video (available to watch for free online - search Google Video for the title given above, it is in 2 parts). When I watch it, in addition to remarkable and deeply troubling information given by the witnesses there, as a person who cares about people and is trained to observe emotions in body language, facial expressions and tone of voice, I can only feel deep compassion for what these men and women have had to endure inside themselves and what they feel or know they were risking by speaking out.

But they forged the trail for the rest of us. There is safety in numbers… the more of us who speak out, the more safety we create for each other, the more awareness we create for the public who hear our testimonies and our messages, and the more we help create a better world for our children and grandchildren. And the more we disclose the more power we pry from the hands of those who have been abusing that power and laying waste to who-knows-how-many lives in the process.

There is a strengthened bill before Congress, the "Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009" currently scheduled to go before the Senate and the House in the near future. For more information and references on this, see the recent article by Dr. Michael Salla of While it would be great to have that additional protection to speak out, and maybe we'll get it, I'm not sure we can afford to wait for it to be handed to us. And the more of us who speak out about National Security Act of 1947 abuses of all kinds, the more we underscore the very real need for strong whistleblower protection. National Security Act of 1947 secrecy no longer protects our country and her people - it provides a curtain of secrecy for those who would destroy this country and her people for their own greed and power-driven agendas by allowing them to hide behind it, above and beyond the law.

While President Obama looks to be a far more positive leader to many Americans, if there is one thing the last 8 years have taught us all, it is that We The People must take an active role in our governance and how it is structured and handled. We can no longer afford complacency and giving our power away to politicians who are susceptible to financial seduction by the lobbying of special interest groups. We must raise our heads from our daily grind and pay close attention to legislation and policy that will affect the quality of all our lives and make our desires and wishes heard.

I kept silent for a long time, over 14 years from my first hypnosis session that turned my life upside down. Perhaps too long, but no more. To heal fully, I had to step forward, set aside my fear, and tell my story. I'm writing a book to tell it fully. The cost of giving my power away to FEAR became too high. No positive life I tried to create for myself would work while carrying that gorilla around on my back. I choose not to live that way any longer. Each of you has to go inside your own individual hearts for your own council on whether to speak out or not. You must weigh all considerations carefully for your own situation. But if you find that you have something to say and can speak out, I invite you to do so. It may just take every single voice with something to say to wrest our government and our world away from those who would destroy it for us all for their own ends.


Dr. Michael Salla of (This article contains many good references/links in it.)

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