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Publisher's Note: In response to reader's positive and negative feedback on your site over my analysis of the "UFO ORB With Mothership Photo", I have performed more analysis on the image. Can you provide a link to the attached full size image on your site so that readers can view the analysis in detail (the jpg image cannot be easily read without viewing it at a large scale).

Updated analysis of 'UFO ORB With Mothership Photo'
by Swampmoon

Posted: 12:29 April 8, 2009

The new analysis includes:

new study of the "blue orb" indicating that it is likely a star
new study of the axis of orientation of the mushroom UFO images further supporting evidence that they are lens flares
replacement of the term "circular symmetry" with the more accurate "2-fold rotational symmetry" to explain lens flares
explanation of why not all of the lights in the photo produced lens flares (only the brightest ones do)
lastly, a note:

"This analysis is for this photograph only. It does not disprove this UFO sighting; it just lowers the relevance of this photo to support the UFO report. Further analysis of eyewitness reports, and any other evidence should be undertaken to evaluate the event as a whole."

Also read: UFO Image Analysis of UFO ORB With Mothership Photo

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