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Legends of the Cajuns: Guardianship of the Holy Grail
by Carolyn Shield

Posted: 22:00 April 11, 2010

At New Orleans one of the oldest houses in Southern United States is the Ursuline convent. New Orleans is home to the Cajuns (Acadians). I visited the Ursuline convent and saw that there was the Lazarist chapel. A beautiful unique chapel is used by Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. One Order of Saint Lazarus says the history of the order according to their website started from a hospital for lepers on the outside of Jerusalem served by Armenian monks. They have a list of Grandmasters dating back from 1099 to present day Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjou Knights of Saint Lazare is Grandmaster of one order. Many Acadians believe they are ancestors to the ancient Crusader families and have contacted me after seeing my other articles at UFO Digest.

Photos by Carolyn Shield Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Lazarist chapel

Lazarus was Mary Magdalene's (Mary of Bethany) brother who was raised from the dead after four days by Jesus Christ. Lazarus was one of the people on the boat with Mary Magdalene who landed in either Marseille or Saintes Maries De La Mer in France according to French oral tradition. The cross is glass with a sea shell on it. The sea shell is a symbol for journey and for the goddess Venus or Marys of the Sea. Bernard of Clairvaux preached to Crusaders of the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea).

The history of the Lazarists is that Vincent De Paul lived in the Priory of Lazare in Paris. Vincent De Paul became friends with Olier. Jean Jacques Olier was the builder of Saint Sulpice. Olier before he became a priest took part in the Lazarists mission. He built Issy seminary in France. The beginning sentence of Red Serpent Rouge talks about Saint Sulpice. In 1657 Saint Sulpice Society was established in Montreal. The Acadians lived in Nova Scotia until the Great Expulsion by the British in which thousands of Acadians fled to Montreal, Quebec, and to New Orleans. Louisiana Bishop Louis Dubourg was trained at the famous Saint Sulpice seminary in 1786. Dubourg was forced to flee to Spain in 1792 due to the French Revolution. At the same time Abbe Bigou the priest of Rennes Chateau fled to Spain. He carried a secret with him from Rennes Chateau and possibly documents given to him by Marie de Negres d Ables. Bigou died supposedly in Spain or near the border in 1794. Dubourg left Spain for America in 1793. There is a chance that Dubourg met Abbe Bigou before he left for America. Did Abbe Bigou tell Dubourg of the legend of Rennes Chateau? I think Dubourg knew about the legend at least because of the many signs left in New Orleans and Saint Mary of the Barrens.

Dubourg taught at Georgetown University and met President George Washington. He was friends with Jefferson, Madison, and Elizabeth Seton. Dubourg went to Louisiana. He stayed at the Ursuline Convent and here resided Our Lady of New Orleans. Our Lady of Prompt Succor carved from sacred wood of Languedoc by an artist at Montpellier arrived by boat with the Ursuline sisters.

Photos by Carolyn Shield Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Lazarist chapel

Let's play a game try to find a replica of DaVinci's Last Supper on the altar below. Are they trying to hide it? Notice that the Golden Grail cup of the one altar is in direct line to the other Holy Grail of Jesus and Mary engraved in Da Vinci's Last Supper on the altar hidden by the other altar. The Pelican is a symbol for protectors of the Holy Blood dating back to 15th century city of Brugges. The replica of Da Vinci's Last Supper is on the altar on the right. Why hide such a beautiful piece of art? The gold cup represents the Grail. Photo below by Carolyn Shield Saint Mary's church at New Orleans.

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