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Legends of the Cajuns: Guardianship of the Holy Grail
by Carolyn Shield

As you go through the Lazarist Chapel it takes you through the gate to another Chapel of Saint Mary who has Da Vinci's Last Supper carved in the altar. The picture made famous by Da Vinci Code where seated by Jesus is either a man or a woman depending on the viewer. It seems the Ursuline sisters found that Da Vinci picture important enough to carve it onto the altar. At first a person may miss it due to the other altar in front hiding the beautiful carving from most of the people sitting in the pews. Leonardo Da Vinci died and was buried in France not Italy.

Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci and Botticelli's Birth of Venus compliments of Wikipedia links below.

It is interesting that the sisters picked DaVinci for the altar carving.The French oral tradition of Mary Magdalene living in France may be what the French sisters are symbolizing. The Sea shell has a special meaning for those New Orlean African Voodoo Christians. The sea shell represents the goddess Yemaya. Yemaya gave birth to the world's water. She looks like a mermaid and she is goddess of the Crescent Moon. She is the Mother goddess and she wears blue for the water. She is also called the Star of the Sea which is very similar to the Stella Maris of the French. The Ursuline convent may give us clues to the French oral legends of the Acadians who came from Nova Scotia to New Orleans home of the Cajuns. Do the Crusader knights' families guard the Holy Grail? Is that why the Lazarist order has continued all these years?

Legends of the Holy Grail lead us to Rennes Chateau where Sauniere placed a statue of Saint Roch in the chapel. Sauniere often used these statues of saints for special reasons. One of New Orleans Cities of the Dead is Saint Roch. A cemetery with a chapel made in honor of Saint Roch has a replica of Jesus's body laid in a tomb. Just hit the link and you will see the replica Jesus's body laid tomb. Saint Roch had miracles attributed to him. It is interesting this imagery of Jesus's body in a tomb resides among the Cajuns. The Ascension really makes no need for a Christian to look for the body of Christ. One wonders is there a message in this imagery at Saint Roch? Is this another Cajun legend telling us that Jesus's body may reside in a tomb? It may be just the imagery for devotees of him lying awaiting Resurrection. The spooky replica of the body of Jesus lies under the altar at Saint Roch at one of the Cities of the Dead (cemetery) at New Orleans.

The Basilica of Holy Blood has another similar replica located in Europe at Bruges. The church has in a crystal phial which contains the possible Holy Blood of Christ collected by Joseph Arimathea and brought back from the Sack of Constantinople by Crusader Knight the Count of Flanders. In this church there is also a crypt with a replica of Jesus body in a tomb. You can see the phial of Holy Blood just hit the link below. The crystal dates back from 11th or 12th century. The phial is another example of the Crusader Knights protecting the Holy Grail or Holy Blood.

The shell symbolism is also at Bruges but the sea shell is black. Michelangelo's Madonna statue resides there. The sea shell imagery is black and pointing down. The Madonna does not smile down at her child. Why? Some say she knows what will happen to the child others wonder is Michelangelo showing his disappointment with the child. Bruges cathedral had a priest known as Louis Van Haecke who was known to be involved with satanic cults in Paris. Some say Berenger Sauniere have similar stories with links to pagan cults. One wonder if these stories are true for at the Basilica at Bruges a statue holds the cross pointing downward in front and at Rennes there is a demon in the church.

I have shown many examples in past articles of how the Crusader knights were protectors of the Holy Grail. One wonders if the Crusader knight's ancestor's families still protect the Holy Grail even in these times. Many Cajuns believe they are ancestors of these knights and did they bring their legends with them from Europe to America?
Our Lady comes to New Orleans by Brother Roberto CSCpg11,12

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